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Ted's Boating Experience


Ted’s Boating Experience

Tuesday became Captain Elliot Faulkner’s Experience on his large vessel 'The Predator' with Ted as First Mate.

After a lovely Wellington day the evening was a little breezy but the wind soon died away and with perfect weather, scrumptious food and good company a great time was had by all.

The view from "The Predator" moored at the south end of Mana Island looking back to Plimmerton.



President Ron with Phillip Whearty who coordinated this occasion.                        


A very calm Mana Marina as we came into berth after a very exhilarating trip back from the island.      

 Photos by Graham Craig   



Inner Wheel’s Pizza and Plonk – Monday 20 January at Ration Creek Orchard. $15 / head, and BYO drink and a chair and dress with an International theme. Phone Janet Reidy on 234 8332 or email asap if you are planning to attend.

Committee Night on Tuesday 21 January for those committees who are going to have a meeting.

Martinborough House Sauvignon Blanc – there are just four cartons (of 12 bottles each) remaining at $170.00 per carton. Contact President Ron and Jenny 234  7657.

Polio Money Boxes will be collected in February.

The results of the follow-up Survey about Club communications and the website will be given to the Communications committee to study, discuss and recommend modifications.

Easter 2014 at Ruapehu. A lovely long weekend away with the opportunity of bringing along some grandchildren. Contact Peter Lillico  -  ph 233 1281 or email 

After the recent Cyclone Ian which hit Tonga, there is a plea for donations for Emergency Response Kits.  

Christmas Greeting from Cyril

 Dear host families and fellows from the Rotary club of Plimmerton,

 I wish you all the best for the end of this year and of course Merry Christmas !!!

I guess the weather is beautiful without any clouds, you're enjoying a hot summer, barbecues,... You're lolling around in blue deck chairs on white, sandy beaches invite you to kick back and relax haha great life in this small paradise : NEW ZEALAND !!! While in France the rain generates more water that a cow does for her milk and a president who makes jokes of critical situations... strange world haha !!

My first school's term is over !! i 'm quiet happy of my achievements so far !! I'm first in my class of economy and history, third in general but if you take off mathematics i'm first it is a pity that i didn't practice mathematics when i was in New Zealand !! If i'm talking about the final result i'm not showing off !! I have the proof that determination leads to where i am. I gently took revenge against the same teachers i have this year and just before i left for my exchange. These teachers who were all against my willingness to go for an exchange, telling me that when i will be back to school i'll be in school failure even my English teacher said that... I miss so much New Zealand school's system !! things and individual mentalities need to change !!! I can less and less bear to stay in this old and stupid system. It's hard to go back in a french school when you are aware that somewhere in the world it is much more advanced !! I'm actually really excited to go to university next year i'm longing for it !! This ordeal reminds me to say thank you to all of you and why i'm fighting to give a better image of an exchange. All the things you did for me are the reasons why an exchange year is magic like Christmas and why i feel obliged to react when somebody is conveying stereotypes about an exchange. This experience is probably the most stupendous and interesting thing that a young man like me could do !!

I hope everybody is doing well and enjoying life !!!

This Christmas is a particular moment, my feelings are mixed i'm overjoyed that i'll see my cousins again but sad that i can't be close and hug all the people i love !!

 Have a good Christmas everyone !!!!

Lot of love.



Ted's Boating Experience

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