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Providing a calming influence


Military Operations since the End of the Cold War

Lt General (Retd.) Rhys Jones, Chief of the New Zealand Defence Force 2011–2014

By Phillip Reidy

Lt Col Rhys JonesMilitary operations in which New Zealand has been involved since the end of the Cold War have largely been around peace keeping, or in modern terms, peace support.

It is often thought that these activities are relatively easy with military personnel enjoying life in exotic locations. This could not be further from the truth as increasingly New Zealand is becoming involved in areas outside its traditional spheres of influence. These activities are taking place in what might have previously been unknown places and where the wars have moved from ones of politics to ones of hatred. The outcome is that New Zealand personnel face ugly situations where hatred, disinformation, fear and danger are paramount.

New Zealand has earned an enviable reputation in these situations and is seen to be capable of getting the job done while building relationships with those affected by the conflict. In most cases the military role is to provide a calming influence while building confidence in the community that there is a better way and to leave a legacy that reflects an investment in people not flashy projects that give no sustainable benefit.

Much of the work of future peace support action will most likely take place in Africa where the involvement will be in active combat roles unlike the traditional non-combative UN Peace Keeping seen in the past. This is a tough ask as military personnel are in dangerous situations while at the same time being expected to understand the complexities of ethnic issues which drive these hate fuelled conflicts. The job is neither simple nor easy to do.

New Zealand, driven by its history and multi-culturalism, is uniquely placed to contribute in the future to both disaster relief and peace support activities.


Jessica's ball gownExchange student

Jessica attended the Aotea College Ball last Saturday evening at Te Papa. Her partner is Valentin Brunner, the Rotary Exchange Student from Austria being hosted by the Rotary Club of Wellington. I am sure you will all agree that Jessica looks stunning in her Ball Gown.

Next week

Phoenix Soccer team Assistant Coach Chris Greenacre will be our guest speaker and will be updating us on what is happening with our Wellington Phoenix Soccer team. Chris has played extensive professional Soccer in England and had several seasons as player for Phoenix.

Committee Reports

Terri Turner reported:on Youth Committee projects
RYPEN : We have two candidates sponsored by Plimmerton for next week.
RYLA: So far we have one candidate to put forward. Any other suggestions to Bill McAulay quickly as registrations close on 30 September
Primary School Speech Contest: Date set for 28 November. A Secondary School Speech contest being investigated by David Knight and a Disabled Person Speech contest being investigated by Julie McLagan both scheduled for March/April 2015.
Children’s Christmas Party: Planning is well under way by Ross Garner and Christmas presents are being purchased progressively during the year to buy at “On Sale” prices.
Our Facebook Page is being taken over by the Youth Committee and Marty Donoghue will be updating this page to be more communicative to the younger generation
Grant a Wish: Wishes from last year’s budget have all now been granted as follows:
Corinna School - Netball uniforms
Glenview School - 2 adjustable portable basketball systems and tools, topsoil and trees for community garden.
Holy Family School - 40 learning resource packs containing alphabet letters, numbers, play money, magnetic counters, story cards and playing cards.
Maraeroa School - Junior Volleyball equipment
Tairangi - Sound System for main assembly hall
Windley - Two new swings to hang in existing frame

Mike Scott reported on Community Projects
A playground at Calliope Park is now under construction with more work days scheduled for 27/9, 4/10 and 11/10 under the supervision of Peter Sinke.
Sponsored Walk: Being planned by Stephen Baker who still has vacancies on his committee. Please respond to the email he sent out to get involved.
Blood Pressure Campaign: Thanks to the three volunteers from Plimmerton who will join other Rotarians from our District to man Shopping Malls for random blood pressure testing by trained Ambulance Medics on 4th October

Ron Lucas reported on the Pathway Committee:

Completed section of pathway now being well frequented by the public. Applications have been submitted for grants from various sources to help raise the millions of dollars required to proceed. PCC has also pledged a continuing commitment.

Providing a calming influence

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