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Meaningful Interconnection


What we can learn from the younger generation about community engagement?

Fraser Carson came to talk to us on 6 August, 2013. Fraser is the creator of Flightdec Communities and is a founding partner. His passions centre on innovation as an enabler, and the connectivity needed to create pathways to transform communities, whether local or global.

Fraser CarsonHe has been co-owner and partner of FRESCO since its beginning in 1993. FRESCO owns, and FRESCO describes itself as; “bringing together internet technology with tried and tested marketing and communications.” The main areas of work are in ‘community building’ and ‘capacity building’ especially through the use of new media technologies.

Fraser was originally trained as a graphic designer and creative art director. After graduation, he started his working life in 1977 working for TV One (now TVNZ). In 1981, he began two years work for BBC TV in London where he joined the production teams working on documentary and educational programmes. Since then he has variously worked as an art director, managing director and strategist for many of New Zealand’s largest and most successful agencies, including J Walter Thompson, Rialto (HKM), Brock Carson Agency, Grey Advertising and Ogilvy & Mather.

Fraser takes a keen interest in community affairs, particularly the arts, sport, education and the not-for-profit sector, and participates in numerous activities – professionally and voluntarily.

Fraser is a foundation working group member of Technology Valley, a Wellington executive member of the Pacific Exporters’ Network, chair of the advisory board for the Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research at Victoria University of Wellington (CACR), board member and trustee for the New Zealand Art Show, member of the Rotary Club of Wellington and Member of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ). He is also a past member of the Wellington executive of Export New Zealand and former chairman of Events Wellington, an event industry membership organisation serving the Wellington region.

Contact:; 04 475 9500, 021 669 101

Meaningful Interconnection

By David Pine

With the proliferation of websites of all types in recent years, together with the surge in popularity of social media, it has become very difficult for website owners to communicate with one another in a meaningful way. Enter Fraser Carson.

Speaking at Plimmerton Rotary on 6th August 2013, Fraser noted that people generally had learned a lot about communication in recent years from the younger generation. “Our ability to access knowledge and ideas is no longer controlled by a few powerful media companies. Instead, people have become used to communicating with each other frequently so that information flows in all directions all the time”.

Through his company Flightdec Fraser has developed a way for websites with similar interests to be linked together. “What we have tried to do is to mirror what has always been a fundamental part of human interaction. People tend to organise themselves into groups with common interests. Whether a website is owned by a commercial enterprise or by a not-for-profit organisation, sites with similar interests can now share information directly with one another”.

“Once the links with other sites have been established through, a blog or article that a site owner wishes to share will appear on all websites in the group at the same time. Alterations and updates will also appear simultaneously on all sites in the group. Our service provides a cost effective way for websites to always contain up to date information about their enterprises, and to ensure that this information is passed on quickly to other sites in their group.”

Fraser has recently established a website which acts as a hub for organisations in the Porirua City area. Linked sites include Health Porirua, e-Learning Porirua, and Plimmerton Rotary.


Our Exchange student Maike Strickle from Germany is arriving at Wellington Airport Domestic Terminal on Jet Star flight JD 261 on Friday 9 August at 6.15pm.  Let's get a team there to welcome her!  The Students' Induction Weekend is 23-25 August in Manawatu.

Bill Moller has resigned from R C of P after many years of active involvement. He needs full-time hospital care and is moving into Glenbrook, Observatory Close, Whitby today. Good wishes to the Moller family.

Peter Cox  sustained a fractured ankle when a large ring of wood hit his leg on Monday. Peter - we hope you are hopping around soon!

Saturday 24 August - Planting day at Ration Point and the Nursery. Mark your diaries and a board will go around at the next two meetings.

Meaningful Interconnection

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