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Byond Disaster Relief


Byond Disaster ReliefNo, that’s not a spelling mistake. Formed in 2013, Byond Disaster Relief is a registered charity headquartered in the UK with operations in Brazil, The Phillipines, Australia and New Zealand.

Speaking at Plimmerton Rotary on 21st June, local Byond representative Lyndon Tamlin, a member of Marton Rotary Club, explained the profoundly valuable work Byond does following a natural disaster. “We have people on the ground throughout the Pacific region, so that we can respond quickly with all types of aid. Our people have many skills such as building and project management. We have pre-positioned supplies on the ground throughout the Pacific region so we can respond quickly when we’re most needed.”

Mr Tamlin described several types of supplies that were needed in the aftermath of most disasters in remote regions. He demonstrated a solar powered lantern about half the size of a shoebox. ”These are hugely valuable in remote areas because after 8 hours in the sun they are fully charged and they cast a light which is bright enough for people to be able to read.” Byond also provided robust shelters which were used for temporary accommodation and could last for many months. Other aspects of disaster relief included reconnecting water supplies, also provision of building materials such plywood sheeting and corrugated iron. “Another neat device we have is an American built water filter. The great thing about this is that it’s self-cleaning.”

Probably one of the most useful items Byond provided was the humble plastic bucket. “You’d be surprised what a bucket with a lid can be used for – keeping personal possessions of all sorts organised and out of harm’s way.”

Byond was operated entirely by volunteers. Among their ranks they had a team of eight highly trained disaster response people who knew how to work effectively with Non-Government Organisations. “When disaster strikes we need to partner with local NGOs to get things done.”

Because all of their people are volunteers, Byond does not take any percentage from donations made. The full amount of your donation is put to work. To find out how you can help Byond Disaster Relief please visit 


Congratulations John O’Connell
DG Simon Manning made an un-announced visit and presented John O’Connell with a sapphire pin to his PHF for his work with International student exchange for our District. A well-deserved recognition!
Simon also gave us the District's statistics with good news of increases in membership, clubs and donations to The Rotary Foundation.

 Rotary Best Speaker Awards
Sure enough, Beryl Robinson has loaded our blog onto the Rotary South Pacific Blog which publishes success stories from New Zealand and the South Pacific. This should grab the attention of other Rotary clubs within around the country, Julie.

Speech makers of Porirua
Well done Donna for writing such an excellent blog about the Secondary School Speech Competition held on Friday 17 June.  If you missed the event you'll soon catch up with the essence of this excellent evening, wonderfully organised by David and Bill. 
A short video clip of the Secondary Schools Speech contest, done by Peter Sinke, and shown at the meeting gave an excellent idea of the occasion for those members who were not present. It was an outstanding event showcasing the talent of the young speakers in our local colleges, and once again students from Te Kura Maori O Porirua shone with two of the three winning places.

Club Changeover on Tuesday 28 June at Mana Cruising Club. Remember to RSVP before Friday 24 June to Professionals with Rotary changeover in the subject line, or Phone 233-9955. Enquiries to Peter Cox 237 6642. The evening will commence at 5.30 with a social hour and formalities will commence at 6.30pm sharp. Dress code: Peter will be wearing a jacket and a tie (amongst other things) but ties are not mandatory! PHF’s are requested to wear their medals. There will be a raffle and proceeds of the sergeants session will go to The Rotary Foundation.

Two events happening soon are repeated below:

Remember that the special concert for the Virtuoso Strings Charitable Trust will take place on Saturday 2 July. Please do all you can to direct people to purchase tickets from Tommy's, the Lighthouse Cinema and Whitby Pharmacy or various club members. The tickets are $15 each. Porirua College is a big auditorium to fill. Check out the Event here and send the link to all your friends.

Mana Lions Club has cordially invited Plimmerton Rotary members to attend a film evening with 40 minutes of films from the NZ archives on Monday 18 July 2016. $15 a ticket. They will be screening three films from Nga Taonga Film Commission (formerly the Film Archive) of 70, 12 and 13 minutes duration with supper between the long and the shorter ones. All funds raised will go to Riding for the Disabled, soon to move from its base at Porirua Hospital grounds to Battle Hill Forest Park. Please tell President Adrienne if you are likely to attend so that she can give Mana Lions an indication for catering purposes.

Byond Disaster Relief

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