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Apple Crumble and Custard


Apple Crumble and Custard

MembersThe first Committee night  of 2015 began with a quiet pre-dinner drink outside on a beautiful summer’s evening followed by Peter Cox's lively Sergeant Session, then a delicious pork dinner with apple crumble dessert.

Members got away to their Committee Meetings at 7.40pm.

 Exchange Student 

Jessica blazerJessica has now been with us for six months and is currently staying with Dianne McGavin. She would love to join you on blazer backyour family picnic or outing or just for a cup of coffee and a chat. Please include her in your plans. Phone Jessica on 0273 154 090.

Her Blazer is displaying many more badges and pins, and Jessica is getting very proficient at sewing them on.

Plimmerton Rotary Shirts

rotary shirtsWe wear our Plimmerton Rotary shirts when we get involved in Projects where we are seen by the public. The Book Fair is coming up in March and the Fund Raising Walk in April, not to mention Pathway Planting which is ongoing.

For those of you who do not yet have a Plimmerton Rotary Shirt please ring Jenny Lucas on 234 7657 and place your order now. Cost - about $32.




Apple Crumble and Custard

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