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A Quiz! What a night!


How much do you actually know? 

Rob Murray and Glen Southwood challenged us, 'Come and pit yourself against the ultimate test of human skill, power, precision and endurance... Quiz Night!'

Test the mettle of the 'older' generation against the finely honed quiz instincts of the younger (and better!) members of the population.

From TV & Cinema to Sport & Games, from the 1960s to today, your knowledge of the world around you will be put to the test. Teams will take part in 8 gruelling rounds of general knowledge based combat with one team rising from the melée to claim glorious victory over their vanquished foes!

Glen Southwood and Robert Murray have been attending quiz nights for over three years and writing their own for the last two. Taking lessons learned from innumerable pub quiz nights they have refined and streamlined the format for their own quiz nights while still testing as broad a range of subjects as possible.

Quiz nights are a great way to make new friends (and new enemies) in a fun and light-hearted atmosphere. It's amazing what you can learn about someone in the heat of a quiz. Who knows their Ferraris from their Fiats? Who has a strange encyclopaedic knowledge of black and white cinema? Who should stick to fetching the drinks? All of these questions and more will be answered when you settle in for a night at the Quiz!

What a night!

By Adrienne Murray

The challenge was out – Youth versus the Rotary Club of Plimmerton.  If you missed this, you missed a treat!

Robert Murray and Glen Southwood, both 23, challenged us to a Quiz Night that they had designed and which they presented brilliantly. 

The quality of the preparation was apparent. The standard of questions, the visual and sound effects used throughout the quiz all contributed to a high quality evening. Not to mention the howls of laughter and expressions of delight when an answer was correct or the moans around the room as people had no idea what the answer could be. 

They tempted us with too many sweets and collected $200 for Dry July where Courtney Wheeler (Stuart’s daughter) told us that people are encouraged to give up alcohol for the month of July to raise money for adults living with cancer. The money goes directly to support famiies and their care and members were encouraged to make further donations at their website here.

They left with us saying, ‘next time, please make it a little easier - our brains are not as quick as perhaps they once were!’ No mention of results will be made other than the brainy ones who called themselves ‘The Winners’ and the only team with two young people in it. They were well and truly the winners.


Second working bee at Dianne McGavins Thursday from 9am - picking up glass around the roses.

24 August - Planting and working at the Nursery.  Note date in your diaries and more information will follow.

Our Almoner Gordon Wellwood reported on Angus who is home again and Bill Moller who is still in Ward 5 at Kenepuru Hospital.

A Quiz! What a night!

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