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Phillip Reidy responded to Wendy's reflections with some of his own.

Well don’t you dread being the next speaker after someone with skills like Wendy's!

It is my pleasure tonight to propose a toast to those members, like Wendy, who have contributed in so many ways over the last 50 years to the success of Plimmerton Rotary.

Angus, as a charter member, who would have thought 50 years ago that so many remarkable things would get done. The list on your table run sheet shows but a few.

This toast recognises  the foresight, the courage,  the determination, and the passion to succeed, all of which is reinforced by the core values of Rotary. These values have been especially important to Plimmerton Rotary members both past and present.

The decision to embrace diversity as Wendy spoke about illustrates courage and foresight.     

Projects that last many Rotary years are all about determination.

Above all this club is driven by passion to make our communities better places in so many ways.

Passion nurtured by many over 50 years is what I ask you to toast tonight.

Distinguished guests, friends, and fellow Rotarians:

To members past and present a toast to 50 years of foresight, courage, determination, and passion.

Note: It was Phillip who has spent many hours creating the programme for the evening which we could all take away and treasure as a very special memento. You will notice that he has named, not only each President over the 50 years, but also captured a project that was top of mind during their year in office. Of course there were many more projects completed over the 50 years but capturing these 50represents an outstanding effort on his part. Here is the digital copy. Event 50 Gala Dinner Programme 

Phillip Reidy's Reflections - 23 May 2023

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