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The Exhausted Generation - 30 August 2022


Probably most of us wake up in the morning exhausted before we start. 

Why? The answer is because we might have spent the night worrying.

We will have worried about:

  • how negative the morning headlines might be
  • how education is not seen as critical to relieving poverty and driving higher incomes
  • literacy being appalling
  • science being devalued
  • truancy being acceptable
  • families being as violent as ever
  • children being able to ram raid at an age when we couldn’t even drive
  • the prevalence of substance abuse
  • having to be Police checked for things we took for granted
  • law and regulations being passed with un-intended consequences
  • democracy being eroded
  • being unable to vote if you are illiterate
  • no-one standing for election
  • extreme views having currency
  • reasons why criminals seem to be victims
  • why the health and safety pendulum has swung so far
  • why diversity without talent is acceptable
  • the majority becoming the minority
  • roles being undervalued, and unheard-of groups striking
  • our low productivity and that we do not grow productively
  • laziness and not courage being celebrated
  • whether the right coach is in place
  • what to put or not put in the recycle bin

What we can have to be frightened about today

  • Monkeypox 
  • influenza
  • obesity
  • eating
  • drinking
  • waste
  • cycleways
  • electric vehicles 
  • weather

And there are worries yet to be discovered.

I discovered from a commentary I read recently that an important pre-job selection criterion was the ability to put your underwear on the right way round in the morning.

So, if we are exhausted before we get out of bed why proceed with the day?

Surely life would be safer, more assured, and easily managed if we stayed in bed.

I have concluded that we do so because we have decided not to worry about the silliness imposed on us, and to ignore things we think we cannot do anything about.

My Viewpoint is: 

We have allowed ourselves to become the Exhausted Generation by learning to worry about everything but doing nothing about anything.

The Exhausted Generation - 30 August 2022

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