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A Balanced View - 13 September 2022


Graham Wallace gave us his Viewpoint this evening. 

The title of this viewpoint is “A Balanced View”.

Most of us don’t need to be reminded that we live, unfortunately, in a chaotic world.

Fortunately  our little bubble in the South Pacific is far away from many of the world’s trouble spots.

Unfortunately, that separation puts us at a distinct disadvantage particularly for trade.

Fortunately, we have a reasonably large continent nearby.

Unfortunately, it’s full of Australians (no disrespect intended).

Fortunately, there are a lot of kiwis there too. 

Unfortunately, a lot more kiwis are wanting to head off to Australia.

Fortunately, as Piggy Muldoon once said, that will increase the average IQ of both countries.   

Unfortunately, we can’t deport those kids that are conducting ramraids with stolen cars all round the country.

Fortunately, Apple has included an app in their latest i-phone that automatically calls the police when it detects an impact such as the car hitting a shop front.

Unfortunately, the police cannot find the extra staff needed to answer the expected calls.

Fortunately, the government has a plan and I’ll reveal that to you in a moment.

Unfortunately, even in our little bubble in the South pacific we are experiencing the effects of climate change – sea level rise, increased severe storm frequency, flooding, landslips and wildfires.

Fortunately, the government has an amazing plan – simply buy more carbon credits.

Unfortunately, this costs money – borrowed money which has to be paid back.

Fortunately, amongst all this doom and gloom our sports stars shone in the Manchester Commonwealth Games.

Unfortunately, here at home the All Blacks are struggling to win a game.

Fortunately, there are countries like America that we could turn to for help.

Unfortunately, the electoral system in America coughed up Donald Trump.

Fortunately, the American electoral system also produced Joe Biden.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is so old he seems unlikely to be able to endure a second term as President.

Fortunately, or perhaps fortuitously, we in the Commonwealth have had a reigning monarch who has served us incredibly well over the last 70 years.

Unfortunately, she passed away last week at the age of 96.

God bless Queen Elizabeth II.

And now we have Charles III.

God Save the King!!

A Balanced View - 13 September 2022

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