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Moving Memories - 20 September 2022


Like most countries, New Zealand has a growing proportion of oldies, and various businesses have sprung up to cater for this rich market. 

This week’s speaker was Nicola Kane, warmly introduced by Barry McEwen, whose website she designed.

Nicola has been making promotional and instructional videos for many years, and spotted an opportunity to help families capture their memories and stories for future generations to enjoy.  Children and grandchildren can get disconnected from their forbears, and Nicola’s videos can restore a sense of continuity and identity.    

She can work either face-to-face or online with clients, and has become skilled at drawing out the things that people want to be remembered for. The content is decided by the client, but may include memories of places, friends, events, experiences and life lessons. 

There are three levels of service, ranging from DIY uncut videos to fully edited, with the fees in the range $400 to $950. 

Nicola played some clips of client videos which amply illustrated what she does. Club members were intrigued and enjoyed Nicola’s presentation.

Moving Memories - 20 September 2022

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