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Terrie Turner
Posted 9 June 2014

One of the programmes run by Plimmerton Rotary to support youth in our area is the "Grant a Wish"  project for low decile primary schools in Porirua East.  The project gives these schools the opportunity to apply for a grant to cover the cost of things that they would like for their school.  The only criteria are that a wide range of children in the school are able to benefit from whatever it is that the school chooses and that the benefit is long-lasting.  The major benefit of the project is that the schools get to decide what it is that they really need as opposed to the Youth Committee trying to double guess what it is the schools really want.

Windley Swings

Two schools have already had their wishes granted this year and on Wednesday, 4 June 2014, President Elect Chris Garrett and Youth Director Terrie Turner had the absolute pleasure of making these wishes come true for the two schools by presenting them with cheques to cover the cost of their wishes.

 Windley School has a queue at the swings


Windley School had an empty A-frame that had previously held swings.  The swings had been removed as they were dangerous.  Plimmerton Rotary provided two new swings of high quality construction and we are assured that there is a queue of children waiting their turn every playtime.

Holy Family students are improving literacy and Numeracy as they play

playing games

 Holy Family School is participating in the Mutukaroa Communities and Families Network programme and they needed  learning packs for each child to take home.  The packs include magnetic numbers, play money, counters, stories and other numeracy and literacy items. 

games and learningA school co-ordinator meets with the parents of each child to set goals and teach the parents how to use the resource packs to enhance their child's learning objectives.




Wishes granted in Porirua East Schools

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