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Bryan Waddle gave us a satirical Viewpoint tonight with his tongue firmly in his cheek! He said,

'Here is the news, the forecasts were correct; only the numbers were wrong.

'A Red Storm has left a ridge of high pressure across much of the country although a low-pressure system in some areas has left cold blue conditions.

'Dark clouds in Northland were dispersed by the cold front and Petered out with a whimper.

'Elsewhere dope smokers and cycle shop owners celebrated wildly in the land of the Jaffa. Orange dust mixed with green leaves, evenly matched, offset the red advantage.

'Number 1 song for the week was Split Enz, 'I see Red' while the opposition sang along with Elton John, 'I guess that’s why they call it the Blues'.

'Not only the public felt the pressure of the campaign, the Prime Minister contracted a serious case of hand waving when she thought she had to make a point, while the opposition leader was crushed and tired, but I guess it's hard to sleep with so many knives in your back. And some even called it electoral dysfunction and stabbed her in the chest.

'I must admit I didn’t support four-year terms but that at least means we’d have to wait another year before experiencing the same torment.

'Meanwhile the Outlook for Thursday - your guess is as good as mine.

'Rest assured the sun will rise somewhere.'

Thank god that's all over - 20 October 2020

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