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Myanmar Homework Club Fundraiser - 19 December 2020


The Myanmar Homework Club staged a fundraiser on 19 December 2020. Christalin thanked everyone who attended in support of the event. She said ...

'We would like to thank the Porirua Gospel Chapel and the Newtown Primary school for allowing us to use their venue for our Homework club. Special thanks to Peggy from the Porirua Gospel Chapel and Principle Mark from the Newtown Primary School.

'We would like to acknowledge the special people of our homework club who volunteer tutors for their commitment helping our students in both Porirua and Newtown over the years. Those are: Beate, Peggy, Shona, Veronica, Sheryl, Michael, Edwina, Donna, Greg, Ferguson, Paige, Jonty, Sophia, Patricia, Roser, Kim, and Christalin.

'Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us throughout the year including the NZMEC board, Newtown New World for providing us refreshments for the Newtown Homework Club. And thanks to all the people who have bought the fundraising tickets especially to those who open the door for us with a warm welcome when we come to your house to sell tickets, which means a lot to us.

'We also went to visit the Palmerston Grace Burmese church and we are grateful for your warm welcome and how you showed your support by purchasing the tickets. Special thanks to pastor Kyaw Tha Boe.

'Thanks to our Porirua City Major Anita Baker for attending our event. (Several bouquets of flowers were handed out, notably to Donna and Sheryl.)

'Special thanks to aunty Kawmai and Bawkmai and Ahlay including all the parents who have helped with preparing foods for tonight. Aunty Bawk, Ama Deborah, Rimeh, Kawmai, Yawli for coming with me to sell tickets house to house and to Palmerston North.

'Very final thanks to every single person who has helped us throughout the past 5 years. We prayed and blessed every single one of you with good health and happiness.

'Have a merry Christmas and happy new year to you all'.

And then there was a raffle draw with three winners, Rung, Mary Tanghau, and Ray. Congratulations to all the three winners!

Myanmar Homework Club Fundraiser - 19 December 2020

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