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Wet or Fine went the Call


For the second year, Plimmerton Rotary Club members, as part of the local community, were invited to support Discovery School in their Family Fund Raiser. Each family purchased a ticket. Over 70 families participated. Our job was to make sure the Games and activities we were posted on ran smoothly and safely.

Some of the Early Birds, Dianne McGavin, Donna Reed, Wendy Betteridge, Peter Sinke and Richard Sherwin, with his foot in both camps, were ready and willing at the Saftey Briefing.

The teachers and parents had worked hard to make sure all the stations were well-equipped and prepared before the gates were opened.

A very well- mannered senior student walked Peter and me to our stations on the field. Peter was on 'rolling the tyre'. I enjoyed supervising the sack race. I didn’t realise there were so many possibilities of keeping the body in the sacks. Peter helped on the grocery station, Wendy with the balloon counting in a SUV and Dianne was in charge of the 'Pie in the Face'!

Here’s an observation though. What is it about when the bloke and lad race hard out as the Mum and littlie hang back with words of encouragement only to be told “Yay we won”? My best parts were the family Teams in costumes full of fun and laughter and encouragement and kindness.

Many of the Games were sponsored and it was great to see people having a go at the St John’s mannequins, the fire hose lifting, the Bouncy castle, and I really loved the fishing at the swimming pool.

I had a great lunch of nachos with a gorgeous coffee from the Coffee Cart.

Not only did the school hope to make $10,000 but they also put the poster of our Garden Trail in the family Goody Bags. What a community Partnership.

Big thanks also to Linda Parsons for coming all the way down from the Coast to release Dianne.

Nga Mihi

Wet or Fine went the Call

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