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Posted: 22 July 2013 

Plimmerton Rotary is part of Our Porirua – voice of a proud community. This is an all new web platform with an all new purpose.

Belonging to this adventure enables us to have a voice in our community. We have a new and unique ability to share content, website to website.

How can you become involved?

New website options with Our Porirua

Get involved or become a content contributor to the Our Porirua online community

Read about Porirua

We decided to join the web platform because we want to know about everything that’s happening within our community of Porirua. In that way we’ll have a much better idea of how we can help. And, as well as knowing what’s happening in our environment, we can also receive information from all around the country and the world, moment by moment.

This is what Our Porirua is all about.

Our Porirua Statement of Purpose and Mission

The plan for Our Porirua is evolving the website seeks to become a genuine voice of the community, in all its diversity. However, the following is our draft founding Statement of Purpose and Mission.

Purpose Statement

To provide an online hub for all Porirua communities and groups, to facilitate better connectivity and the exchange of information, opinions and ideas.

Mission Statement

To help transform and maintain Porirua as a good, vibrant, thriving and robust community for all through assisting strong and sustainable online connectivity.
This will be achieved through:

  • Creating high quality digital connectivity both within Porirua and externally to the rest of New Zealand and globally.
  • Providing a central online community hub for online content to be collected, found and used.
  • Encouraging online connectivity between Porirua communities, groups and individuals, to help the community explore and understand all inherent advantages and opportunities so that they may be more fully harnessed.
  • Helping to stimulate community development in any number of areas by leveraging the communities own strengths, skills and resources.
  • Building a proud and actively engaged community of common interest committed to the success of Porirua
  • Influencing a cultural shift towards learning, innovation and striving for improvement.
  • Connecting talented and capable people.
  • Celebrating and communicating success.
  • Inspiring young minds.

Voice of a proud community

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