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Jenny Lucas
Posted: 13 November 2014
ebolaTwo months ago Rotary New Zealand launched an appeal in support of the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa specifically for the Rotary sponsored Bo Hospital . The work of Rotary in Sierra Leone has now expanded as requested by health authorities. They are providing basic needs for health professionals to ensure that they have the necessary infrastructure, equipment  and consumables until the last case has been reported and dealt with in the current outbreak. Donations to the Rotary New Zealand Appeal will go to those most vulnerable. Spokesperson Stuart Batty records “It is difficult for we in New Zealand to really come to grips with their situation and the realities that it brings upon communities such as a rising number of orphaned children.”

“It has been recently tabled that the rate of new infections is continuing to increase in Sierra Leone whereas in Liberia there has been a noticeable decrease” he said. “Family unity is heart warming. Rotary in Monrovia recently acknowledged the bravery of Fatu Kerkula, a nursing student from Cuttington University who single handily cared for four members of her family who had the Ebola Virus nursing them back to health using HIV antiretroviral drugs and other necessary supplies she could obtain. Ms. Kerkula protected herself by using locally procured personal protective equipment in the form of boots, plastic bags, chlorine and face masks.” Youth groups in Monrovia with Rotary support have embarked on an Ebola Awareness Campaign tagged ‘ Kick Ebola OUT of Liberia’. The campaign includes training workshops to create awareness and prevention. In their communities youth groups have placed educational posters on buildings, distributed hand-wash barrels and buckets, soaps and chlorine and are engaging with community empowerment and advocacy groups. Rotary  is working directly with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Social Welfare providing consumables including at the Redemption Hospital and local community health centres. In addition reading and activity packets for primary school children are being delivered to their homes as schools are currently closed.

Generous Donations are still urgently needed

Donations please by cheque payable to:

RNZWCS Limited (Rotary New Zealand)
P O Box 20 309
Christchurch 8543
Internet Banking: 03 1702 0192208 01

Please put your name in the transaction reference field with code 333
visit any branch of Westpac Bank and lodge your donation to the above RNZWCS bank account.

RNZWCS Limited (Rotary New Zealand) Charities Services Reg. No. CC26860

PDG Stuart J Batty QSM,JP
RNZWCS Limited (Rotary New Zealand)
PO Box 20309
Christchurch 8543
New Zealand
Ph/Fax 64 3 3599218
cellphone 027 2695615
skype:  superbatts

Member:  Council for International Development

Thousands are dying

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