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Those were the days


By Phillip Reidy
Posted: 17 February 2014

Remember when you had a tricky question to answer and you raced to your encyclopaedia of choice? The answer, while maybe not easy to find, was there and it probably didn't matter how long it took you to find it.

The way we go about obtaining information, and those elusive answers, these days is just so different and almost unimaginably powerful. More importantly we want to find the answer now

So, in one word, what has made the difference? 


Love it or hate it, finding out information is pretty difficult without it these days. In moments of quiet reflection do you ever think - 'however did I manage without it?' Many of us probably do!

Organisations now cannot just do the 'same old thing' and need to make sure when they get the magic “G” that they have an interesting and compelling story to tell. Plimmerton Rotary is no different and our new website has been designed to do just that - attract interest and inform.

So the Google stuff is pretty interesting as a searcher or user.

But as someone who wants to attract and inform people who visit my site, how do I know that I am being effective? The answer is Google Analytics. Take a look at the Analytics for Plimmerton Rotary over the past six months. Website AnalyticsFeb2014

We are attracting and we are informing in a pretty reasonable way.

Those were the days

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