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Technology and the Future - 26 May 2020


John Barber gave us his Viewpoint this evening. So far as technology and the future is concerned, he said:

At my 60th birthday party I said I wanted to learn to type and use a computer and fly a plane.

I had computer lessons, I learnt to type and the $300.00 flying lesson expired without me ever using it.

I grew up in a non-computer age.

My first mobile phone was the size of a concrete block but very reliable.

I never needed a computer to run my business. They hadn’t computerised hammers.

I had a diary and my paperwork was done on the back of envelopes or old calendars.

Here are my observations in relation to computers and smartphones.

The present generation (my children and grandchildren) are of the greatest help. My grandchildren don’t know life without smart phones and computers. They use them as part of their every day life for communication and learning.

I have criticised my grandchildren for spending so much time on these devices. I didn’t understand why they relied on them. They didn’t understand how I could live a life largely without them.

Until now!

The way life has changed I now need to use this technology to my advantage.

I purchased my own laptop.

For convenience I use internet banking, emails, sharemarket, Stuff news, and sport apps.

For connection (particularly during Lockdown) I use Facetime, Zoom calls (which we are using tonight), WhatsApp Family Group Chats, Live streamed Church Services.

I’ve had to adapt because the world as we all know it has changed particularly the way we do business.

The IRD no longer receives cheques and GST returns by mail.

All businesses send email accounts and expect payment by internet banking.

My viewpoint is, while at times I get hugely frustrated when things don’t go right and struggle to get my head round it, I know I have to be willing to learn and adapt. Otherwise there is no place for me in this modern world.

If you have any comments please do not text me. I’m still learning!

Technology and the Future - 26 May 2020

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