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By Donna Gemaries
Posted: 15 March 2014

I'm told that a plant is deemed a weed if it has little or no value, grows rapidly and competes for space. Where does the definition say 'and stretches the muscles in your back?'

Leonie weedingLast night I saw a beautiful sunset over the Pauatahanui Inlet and was sufficiently enthused to join our Plimmerton Rotary Club weeding party at the Te Ara Piko Walkway this morning. The pathway now joins up with the Pauatahanui shops so it's very easy to cycle or walk. I decided to cycle from home with my weeding tools in my knapsack. 

Under the leadership of Pete I was welcomed and pointed to a spot at Ration Point that needed weeding. Pete was a wonderful Health and Safety Officer, encouraging the use of gloves and keen to stop us efficiently for a morning tea break.

Jenny had the Team 'down tools' for hot cuppas out of the thermos and some home baking. So well organised. There was even a bucket of water and soap pump for hand washing.

Mike weedingPassing cars tooted their support and families using the walkway encouraged us on. We had too many weeds for the bags available so carried the full bags across the road to wait for the trailer pick up. It was tempting to move the sign 'Pony Poo $1' but I didn't!

I was the last to leave the site. As I put on my cycling gear I was really impressed at how pristine the Ration Point corner looked. Well done Weeders. I love the opportunity to share experiences out in the community.

Gentle exercise?

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