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Driving Test Dummies - 11 February 2020


Last evening, we were treated to a talk by two club members, Wendy Betteridge and Graham Craig. (In my opinion, this is something we should do more often, given the fascinating stories many of our members could share.)

The talk was entitled ‘From here to Autonomy’, but it was clearly meant to shake us out of our complacency when it came to driving our cars.

Wendy took us through some of the trickier rules in the current Road Code, which many of us had not read for years.

In some cases, our members disagreed with the Road Code, for example on the permitted flashing of headlights. Are there certain privileges for folk who have been driving for 50 years accident-free? Certainly not! Obey the rules, fellows, or you will be in trouble.

Wendy also gave a gentle plug for the Institute of Advanced Motoring, where she has a senior mentoring role, and Graham mused about the limits of autonomy in so-called driverless cars.

Club members were fully engaged in this valuable presentation, and no doubt will be rushing out to buy the latest Road Code.

You can see their presentation here.

Driving Test Dummies - 11 February 2020

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