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Nick WalmsleyNick Walmsley updated Club members on our sponsorship of two students at Svay Rieng University in Cambodia. Sok Vanda is a young woman who began a degree in Public Administration in 2015. Her grades are very good so far, ranging from about 70-90% for assignments. We will continue sponsorship until Sok Vanda has completed her degree In September 2019.
Khiev Channy, a single mother has just married. She started her degree in Business Administration in 2016 and again, we will sponsor her to its completion in September 2020. Her results are similar to Sok Vanda’s.
In helping these students we also help support their families as both are the breadwinners for their families.
The young women have a New Zealand lecturer, Bill Shields, with whom Nick liaises about every six months, so we should hear more about their progress towards the end of the year.


Cambodian Students' Sponsorship

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