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Weekly Update - Planning Meetings - 3 August 2021






President Kay welcomed our only visitor tonight, Lindsey Wood, who is becoming a regular. We anticipate that she will shortly be inducted as a new member.

The speaker said …

Tonight was Committee night so there were no speakers, just a lot of discussions after the meeting as committees worked hard on their future plans.


President Kay used the Viewpoint slot tonight to deliver another 'Person Behind the Badge' story, this time her own. You can click on the Viewpoint link to read about her exciting background.

What’s coming up in August and beyond? 

Next Monday 9 August we will be celebrating our young leaders at the seventh annual Primary School Leadership Awards at Elim Church from 10.30 am until 12.00. This event is followed by lunch at Peppermill for those who want to stay in the inspiring mood created by the event. Judge Andrew Becroft will speak to the students again this year and we will be treated to some beautiful singing at the start and finish from #hashtag, a Barbershop Quartet from Porirua College who have reached the national final of the Young Singers in Harmony competition which will take place on 23 September in Palmerston North. Wendy thanked several members who have made significant contributions towards the success of this, the seventh annual event, and urged members to attend if they are free. 

Phillip gave a final reminder about our next social evening, 'Tuesday with a Twist', which will be on 10 August at the Light House Cinema in Pauatahanui. This will celebrate the completion of Te Ara Piko with the first showing of the new video on the big screen. Numbers have reached 90 so there are a few more available. Seats are being allocated as payment is received. Payment can be made online to the Plimmerton Rotary Charitable Trust Account. Those who have indicated they are wanting to enjoy the celebration and fun will have received an email with more details.

To see all future events, go here.


President Kay announced the sad news that Terrie Turner has decided to resign from being an active member, owing to her ill-health which is making her very tired by the end of each day. things might change in the future, but for the time being, she will remain a 'Friend'.

Past-President Bill gave a brief report on the Rotary Forest of Peace and Remembrance project. He said that it is now really starting to take shape. Three sides of the northern half of Plimmerton Domain have now been planted with about 11,000 stems since commencing in October 2020. There were 25 volunteers on the job on a magnificent Saturday morning - 13 Rotarians from Plimmerton and Porirua Clubs plus a bunch of enthusiasts from Whitby Scouts and some local community supporters too. Once again, Ron Lucas sped up the hole digging by pre-drilling with his trusty post-hole auger. The team planted about 500 Carex plants. They also assembled about 700 cardboard sleeves and stakes for protecting some of the trees planted last month as shown here in the photo. The volunteers really appreciated the home baking from President Kay. Bill also mentioned his appreciation to Rachel McClellan from PCC who not only works flat out on the planting days but also coordinates all the logistics of getting plants and protectors to the planting site from the PCC nursery.

This week’s happenings

Thanks to the eagle eyes of Peter Sinke we can report on this exciting article that appeared in OSPRI that featured one of our newest members, Dallas New. It's great to see what our members are up to. This is a very exciting read. Click on Dallas's picture and read on. 

For those of you who didn't receive your copy of the July 2021 District Bulletin, you can read it here. A chocolate fish to anyone who read it, and noticed that Phillip is relinquishing the storage and bookings management of the District Gazebo.

And if you didn't receive the RNZWCS August News 2021, you can read that here.

The Almoner said …

John O'Connell brought news of Cherryl who is recovering in Bowen Hospital after a successful 10-hour long operation for breast cancer. She returned home safely yesterday after her ordeal, lightened somewhat by a visit from Ted Nation, visiting Marg after her hip operation.

Director's Report

Tonight it was the turn of Colin Whyte to present more details on just two of the many Youth Projects. The first was the Innovative Young Minds programme for Years 11-12 women, organised to encourage them to expand their knowledge of STEM. IYM holds two programmes each year, one online and the other, a 6-day residential course. Plimmerton sponsored Aleha Thorn who we heard speaking to us last week with her nomination coming to us from Porirua Club, who also sponsored a student. He thanked Donna for leading this project. The second project was the Porirua Primary School Leadership Awards, now in its seventh year. He thanked Wendy and her team for organising this event which will honour 61 primary school leaders this year, bringing the total of young leaders acknowledged over the course of this programme to over 400. He promised a report on the event at a future meeting. This project involves collaboration between Plimmerton, Porirua, and Tawa Rotary clubs.

Parting thought

John O'Connell gave us the parting thought today from Henry Ward Beecher, 'The first hour of the morning is the rudder for the day.

Who’s on duty for the next month?

Unable to do your duty? Please find a replacement and inform Graham Wallace. 
If you're a late 'no show' please tell President Kay. 
Please arrive at 5.45 pm if you're on Door duty or hosting the Guest Speaker for the evening.
Need to apologise or bring additional guests? 
Advise the Receptionist at Professionals before 10.00 am on the Monday before the meeting on 233 9955 or email if you prefer. 
Please provide the name (and spelling if necessary). The same applies if you're going to be late.

Weekly Update - Planning Meetings - 3 August 2021

Guests are welcome to our Dinner Meetings. 
For apologies or additional guests, please phone or email Phillip Whearty before 10.00 am on Mondays (or before 10.00 am on Tuesdays if Monday is a statutory holiday) on 027 448 9094 or email


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