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Communities and organisations in New Zealand and overseas are using the Collective Impact model to generate positive social change through encouraging organisations to work together around a common agenda.

Plimmerton Rotary launched its new website in 2013 through Flightdec who develop quality websites that publish content to each other to build understanding and collaboration. We believe that it’s this collaboration and networking that is bringing our community together. It’s changing the way people use websites. Plimmerton Rotary is now well connected, through its website, with its community – with education, health, schools, the environment, and so much more.

Rather than using our website as a vehicle for our members, we believe that the valuable content we post can be exposed as never before to the whole community where it’s relevant and welcome through other websites. In addition, our website can receive rich and dynamic content from other websites which means that our website is no longer static, isolated and boring but full of information we’ve generated and that is generated elsewhere.

If you'd like to find out more about our website or join the Our Porirua 'family' please contact us.

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