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Quiz Nights

Sometimes we are challenged to come and pit ourselves against the ultimate test of human skill, power, precision and endurance - Quiz Night!

Quiz nightFrom TV and Cinema to Sport and Games, from the 1960s to today, our knowledge of the world around us is put to the test. Teams take part in several gruelling rounds of general knowledge-based combat with one team rising from the melée to claim glorious victory over their vanquished foes!

Quiz nights are a great way to make new friends (and new enemies) in a fun and light-hearted atmosphere. It's amazing what you can learn about someone in the heat of a quiz. Who knows their Ferraris from their Fiats? Who has a strange encyclopaedic knowledge of black and white cinema? Who should stick to fetching the drinks? All of these questions and more are asked when we settle in for a night at the Quiz!

Visitors are always welcome. If you would like to take part, keep an eye on the Programme and let us know if you’d like to attend.

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