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Raising our children - 23 November 2021


David Knight gave us the Viewpoint tonight. He said, 

'Over the years, we have all brought up our families to the best of our abilities, hoping always that we have created a 'model family'.

'In these latter years many of us look back to the next generation growing up (grandchildren included).

'In some cases, we are saddened to witness family situations, where conflict arises over issues about family events - debates over chores, school work, drugs, and general misbehaviour.

'Of course, there is no such thing as a 'model' or 'perfect' family. But there can be, and is, a 'good enough' family, one which is neither perfect nor complacent but which is engaged in promoting the wellbeing of its members.

'The 'good enough' family is one where differences are acknowledged; where each person's ideas are respected, where conflicts are resolved peacefully and most importantly, where each family member knows that s/he is loved.

'I believe in four ways where love can be strengthened in families.

'The first is to nourish the spiritual. Research has shown that children who are exposed to some spiritual teachings are less likely to be involved in violence, theft, and/or vandalism.

'The second is forgiveness. Forgiveness cultivates kindness. When I forgive, I feel more positive towards someone who has hurt me. We've all been hurt by someone, but forgiveness helps repair relationships.

'Thirdly, unity. As parents, we are directors for our children. So we must be united in training and in discipline. Talk, rather than scold. Children (and we also) don't learn when we feel threatened.

'And lastly, fun. Set time aside for doing fun things as a family, biking, picnicking, playing games, or just all walking together.

'Mother Theresa of Calcutta was fond of saying "if you want to change the world, go home and love your family"'.

Raising our children - 23 November 2021

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