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On 2 and 8 May, two events took place at Aotea College, intended to help students in years 12 and 13 to get a taste of what it will be like to be interviewed by prospective employers. Rachel Scott of Partners Porirua helped with the interviewing as well. 

Fifty students presented themselves over the two days to half a dozen Rotarians from Plimmerton Rotary, all with past experience in the art of interviewing prospective employees. Each interview was scheduled to be ten minutes long with an opportunity to give verbal feedback at the end of each interview. Photos of some of the interviews are shown within this blog.

They were all very well prepped by Rachel Scott, Education Partnership Facilitator from Partners Porirua, ably assisted by Mytthius. Each Rotarian was briefed to:

1. Provide a ‘real life’ situation, setting the scene for future interview experiences.
2. Encourage students to develop communication skills (by asking open-ended questions) and talk with ease
3. Ensure that responses to the students were productive and appropriate and that both oral and written feedback was constructive and positive

It’s fair to say that, while some of the students were apprehensive about putting a toe into an unknown, and perhaps frightening, situation, others appeared reasonably confident. Whatever thoughts and feelings they might have had before their interview, each student performed really well and would be a credit to any organization which might choose to interview, and hopefully employ, them in the future. It’s also true to say that all the students who expressed apprehension, left their interview with a spring in their step and admitted that they would approach future interviews with confidence.

From the Partners Porirua perspective, Rachel Scott did a wonderful job of project planning the two half days. She communicated her plans both to the Rotarians involved as well as to Pauline Muncey, the Careers Advisor at the College, who had done heaps of advance preparation in ‘readying’ the students, had booked interview rooms, filled the time slots and was encouraging the waiting students.

Aotea School’s objectives were to:

• Compliment and support the existing Gateway programme
• Give students “real life” experiences/scenarios in preparation for Jobfest
• Promote opportunities to build self-esteem
• Equip students with tools to assist them in entering the working world
• Provide opportunities for community organizations and businesses to be part of the students’ learning process
• enhance their employment interviewing skills
• engage with members of their community who are experienced and insightful

From the business point of view, Partners’ business objectives were to:

• Have an opportunity to work with youth in the Porirua area
• Facilitate in the self-development of young people
• Help build strong communities
• Offer feedback and advice to young people as to how to put their best foot forward when applying for positions
• Empower students with knowledge that is relevant to them.

This is an event that Plimmerton Rotary, Partners Porirua, and Aotea College undertake annually. Feedback from Pauline and Rachel and from the students themselves tells us that it is a worthwhile project that adds value to our young job seekers as they venture into the Big Wide World and start their future careers.

Preparing for their future

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