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Newsletter June 2014

A full year, a look back at what we have achieved.  We have had a lot of fun along the way and all of us wish to thank Debbie Howard for being such a wonderful President.  june_2014 

Newsletter May 2014

Who knew we had six models in our midst, all very capable and willing to show us new season designs from Ballentynes.  may_2014 

Newsletter April 2014

District Chair Margaret McIvor visiting and a time to reflect on Inner Wheel's objectives - friendship and service at home and overseas.  april_2014 

Newsletter March 2014

Keeping in touch is so important and with the ongoing new technologies, a few people are struggling. Support is available to everyone who wants it but be assured our monthly newsletter will still be sent by email to everyone to enjoy. There are however other ways to access this and other information.  march_2014 

Newsletter February 2014

Yes, 2014. This year we already have 17 dates to put in our diaries.  february_2014 

Newsletter December 2013

Just before Christmas is an ideal time to learn about people who have survived amazing odds to have a productive and positive life. Our November meeting allowed us to meet such a person and learn about how she overcame the odds.  december_2014 

Newsletter November 2013

Golf or Shopping Trip? A decision has been made - we must do this again next year and assure those who do not wish to play golf that there is more to a trip like this than golf.  november_2014  

Wild Sunday 2 By Phillip Reidy

Building on last year's Wild Sunday, we are repeating the event this year with Wild Sunday 2. Last year tickets sold out quickly so mark your calendar and get your tickets before it is too late! Keep reading >>

Newsletter October 2013

Great news!! Meryll Evans has accepted the nomination of District Chair for 2014-15.  Meryll immediately becomes the Vice District Chair and takes up the role of District Chair from July 2014. Our warmest congratulations to her - just another reason to go to our conference in New Plymouth in May next year and show her our support. Check out our conference web page here.  october_2013 

Newsletter September 2013

Statistics tell us that 25% of our Porirua-wide community are children, and 20% of people in our city live with some type of disability.  september_2013 

Newsletter August 2013

Pauline Lowe, our club Secretary, emailed us whilst on her travels, introducing us to Dr Rita Handa, President of Hubli Inner Wheel who she described as a pretty extraordinary woman.  august_2013 

Newsletter July 2013

Changeover night. Our guest speaker for the evening was Debbie Noon, well known to all of us. Changeover is usually a fun event with everyone dressing for the occasion. And it's an opportunity to plan for future events, to talk about how to attract funding and to decide on topics for our monthly meetings.  july_2013 

New hub for Inner Wheel

Debbie has just taken over as President of Plimmerton Inner Wheel Club for the 2013-2014 year. Debbie lives in Whitby with her two sons, Justin and Daniel, and her cat, Jessie. She has been in Inner Wheel for six years and the club’s Secretary for the past two. It is fitting that this photo of Debbie is taken outside as she is passionate about gardening. Keep reading >>

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