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Te Ara Piko Fun Walk

Project Plan - Plimmerton Rotary Club and Porirua City Council
22nd November 2015

Project Leader - Stephen Baker

Joe Perera - Projects Chair
Roy Gilmour
Gaylene Kells
Jenny Lucas
Ron Lucas
Adrienne Murray
Donna Reed
Peter Sinke
Rob Tinney

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Background
  3. Time Frames
  4. Project Costs
  5. Project Organisation
  6. Roles & Responsibilities
  7. The Event [Route]
  8. Communication [Promotion]
  9. Registration
  10. Activities
  11. Food and Refreshments
  12. Sponsorship
  13. Traffic Management
  14. Event Management
  15. Summary

1. Executive Summary
The objective of the Fun Walk is to attract many more people to use the Pathway and view the wonder of Pautahanui inlet.
With stage two to Camborne Ski club to be commenced later this year, this is an opportunity to promote the current pathway and its environment, highlight the progress with stage two.
The current pathway is averaging around 100 per day. This event hopes to increase these numbers and aid future funding requests through various funding bodies.
Our emphasis will be on FREE entry and activities, with opportunity for donations on the day or through our website [give a little]. The walk is approximately 2 kms one way and suitable for the majority of people.

2. Background
The club originally focussed on a fundraising fun run. The challenge around closing roads was considered to be major challenge, and when reviewing this, as that the path is more often walked, then a walk was the best option. Initially we looked at a fundraising walk connecting the Whitby walkways and the Te Ara Piko pathway. After some progress with this event, a review was undertaken and it was decided that, timing, resource and a change in funding circumstances to focus just on the path and a focus on free entry.

3. Time Frames

The event is planned for Sunday 22nd November from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.
The key milestones are as follows:

  • 6th July : Traffic Management Plan meeting with PCC
  • 13th July : Sign off on project brief
  • 20th July : Committee members, roles and responsibilities finalised - meetings fortnightly
  • 20th July : Traffic Plan progressed
  • 10th August : Finalise Activities, Food and Beverage
  • 10th August : Finalise Communication and Promotion plans
  • 31st August : Promotion program launched
  • 5th October : Review progress to date and final checklist
  • 12th October : Finalise resource and event manning requirements
  • 13th October : Weekly brief to club meeting
  • 17th November : Manning team brief
  • 22nd November : 6.45am set up 

4. Project Costs

  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Advertising – Newspaper [Community] – Posters – Flyers - Handout
  • Portable Toilets
  • Donations
  • $10,000 (To be finalised post meeting with council)

5. Project Organisation
This is a Rotary Club of Plimmerton event with assistance from the Porirua City Council. Reporting to the Project Director Joe Perera and working alongside the Te Ara Piko committee [Ron Lucas] and Communication committee [Jenny Lucas].

6. Roles & Responsibilities
Event Manager
– Stephen Baker.
Chair meetings, produce follow up minutes and action points. Key contact for key partners and associated groups. Coordinate committee members and run the event on the day.
Communications Coordinator – Jenny Lucas.
Produce marketing plan to ensure maximum number of people are exposed to the event and participate on the day.
Activities Coordinator – Donna Reed.
Secure and organise free to use activities at Motukaraka point for the day.
Food and Beverage Coordinator – Rob Tinney.
Secure and organise food and beverage operators on Motukaraka point for the day.
Registrations and Website Coordinator - TBA
Manage registrations through the website and on the day. Assist with the production of an information handout for all walkers.
Sponsorship -TBA
Secure sponsorship for the day and coordinate donations through buckets on the day and the “give a little” button on the website.

7. The Event [Route]
Start at the Lighthouse Carpark in Pauatahanui [Handout given out to all walkers] and walk to the Motukaraka point Rest Area via the Village or Forest and Bird pathway. Activities, food and refreshments at the Motukaraka point Rest Area, and then return to the Lighthouse Carpark. Option for a free bus to pick up from the Motukaraka point Rest Area and return to drop-off area adjacent to school in Pauatahanui.
People can register on the day, with guided walks starting on the hour from 8.00 am.
Note: No bikes during the event

8. Communication [Promotion]
Targeted participants

  • Schools in the greater area [Families]
  • Church groups
  • Facebook
  • Members e-mail distribution lists
  • Walking Groups
  • Porirua City Council
  • Porirua Chamber of Commerce
  • Community Social Media Pages

Promotion Formats – Major Emphasis is on Free Entry and Activities

  • Poster [Current version updated] A4 and A3 on notice boards throughout the greater area
  • Poster imbedded into members e-mails for their distribution list
  • Community Newspapers
  • Social Media reference back to our website
  • Radio?
Message: “Enjoy the walk through the reserve on the Te Ara Piko pathway and relax and have fun at Motukaraka point”

9. Registration

  • Participants can register either through the website and join one of the guided walks or register on the day. No cost to complete the walk, although we will encourage a gold coin donation on the day and reference to “give a little” on the website.
  • Registration Area - the Lighthouse theatre carpark. This will enable us to have no car parking issues at Motukaraka point [paddock secured adjacent Lighthouse Car park area]. And an opportunity for self-promotion by the Pautahanui Village. In this area there will be a display on the Te Ara Piko pathway and a Rotary display. Donation boxes located here and at the Motukaraka point Rest Area.
  • All participants will receive a 4 page [A5] handout will information of the route, points of interests, activities, food and refreshments, toilets, future pathway and sponsors.

10. Activities

  • Display of the past, present and future of the Path with support from both Rotary and Porirua City Council
  • Rotary Club Display
  • Bouncing Monster Truck – Donated
  • Lofty the Train – Donated
  • Other
  • Encourage Pauatahanui Village to provide some incentives to visit them on the day.

11. Food and Refreshments
Work with current Food and Refreshment venders to participant on the day for a donation to the Pathway. These vendors must be Health and Safety regulations approved and provide their power on the day.

12. Sponsorship
Three Sponsorship packages sought:

  • Naming right sponsor: $2,000 to $4,000
  • Event sponsor: $500.00. Logo on poster, newspaper advertising, website, handout and displayed on the day.
  • Products and services: Major such as train bouncing truck etc. Logo on poster, newspaper advertising, Logo on poster, newspaper advertising, website, handout and displayed on the day
  • Others – coffee vouchers etc. featured on handout and website.

13. Traffic Management
We will be seeking to close all or part of Motukaraka point road. We will also require a plan for Lighthouse Theatre car park area, through the village, bus pick up from point to bus area at Pauatahanui School. We are working with the PCC Roading team and Event Manager.

14. Event Management
The following are requirements for the day:

  • Marshalls for traffic control – Hi Viz [PCC and Rotary]
  • Assistance for activities
  • Registration area
  • Donation Buckets
  • Portaloos
  • Rubbish Bins
  • First Aid
  • Coordination of Food and Refreshment vendors

15. Summary
This event is an opportunity to give a high profile to the Te Ara Piko Pathway project, Porirua City Council and the Rotary Club of Plimmerton. This event is able to attract a wide section of the community from young children through to the elderly. Through sponsorship, donations and publicity this will aid future funding and success of the pathway. An event that the wider community can support and its success can lead to an annual event.

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