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Funding Groups with Tax Money - 20 July 2021


Bryan Waddle gave us his Viewpoint tonight, He said:

'I like to think I’m a caring person, well I have empathy for other people, those who may have fallen on tough times, illness, coping with mental or physical problems, its part of our make-up I hope.

'I don’t care too much for mushrooms, turnip, swede or leeks but there’s plenty of other decent vegetables to develop my increasing girth.

'I choose which charities to support where I can, while ignoring those that decide dinner time is ideal for extracting peoples money. Normally I can’t understand the language anyway. But I do politely reject them, using the old fashioned technique, hang up when I’m talking then they think its their fault.

'One thing I don’t care for, and make no apology for my views, is politicians and government officials who make what I consider odious, extravagant decisions to fund a gang for what is described as ‘meth rehab’ .  I don’t have a problem funding 'meth rehab' or any or other drug related issue, but it should be in the hands of a reputable organisation, medical or social agency that is equipped and qualified to deal with the complex issues involved. I find it incomprehensible that any politician could fund an organisation that has helped create the misery of drug abuse, then pay them to support it. These same politicians couldn’t find the funding that Mike King required for another serious problem that is growing rapidly. 

'Funding gangs with tax money, to me, is like giving a rabbit delivery rights for lettuce and carrots to the colony it leads.'

Funding Groups with Tax Money - 20 July 2021

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