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Dreaming our dreams


Pamela Meekings-Stewart describes herself as a Spiritual Druid. They are a diverse group, their binding thread being a spiritual experience in nature. Caring for the land is central to their beliefs. They express themselves through nature. A group of Druids, guided by senior Druids is called a Grove, and a group without seniors is called a Seed ...

Through the Wheel of Segais, Pamela took us on a journey through seasonal cycles to illustrate how to work with change, rather than managing it. The wheel integrates the seasons and growth cycle with the process of change.

Change begins with Initiation, the dreaming time, exploring potential and possibilities. Emergence nurtures the new ideas. Maturation develops and plans and finally, Manifestation implements the change.

Or as nature would have it, winter is a time for preparation, spring a time for new growth, summer a time for things to come to fruition, and autumn a time for harvest.

Pamela said there is a lot to learn from tomatoes and beans! They must be planted at just the right time, disciplined and trained to grow in the right form, fed and nurtured to ensure a good crop. A gardener would not expect to plant a seed one week and harvest the next, yet, so often in business, we jump from emerging ideas to implementation, without thorough development and planning.

So … next week at our planning meetings we can begin to prepare the land for this year’s crops

Dreaming our dreams

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