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This week’s guest speaker was the Hon. Judith Collins, MP for Papakura, and possibly a future Prime Minster, “if that’s what people want”.

Her talk ranged over many things: her background, her beliefs, her aspirations.

Politicians, she says, are motivated by adding value and making the world a better place. She hailed Parliament as a forum which brings together people with varied life experiences, and she seemed rather keen on MMP. Being in opposition is a breeze after life as a Minister, which is mostly a competition for resources, ie money.

On matters of conscience, she will vote on her own beliefs rather than trying to seek the views of her constituents.

Increasing polarisation is a worrying trend in the world, with many voters feeling disenfranchised.

Looking to the future, she noted that New Zealand is an “ant among elephants”, and we should defend our agriculture sector - the only part of the economy we could rely on.

By investing in education and encouraging high-tech, we could become a powerhouse. The Norway of the South Pacific, in fact.

Norge i sor Stillhavet? For en god ide!

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