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Dancing for Life Education


On 18 July 2020, Te Rauparaha Arena will host 'Dancing for Life Education', an event loosely based on TV’s 'Dancing with the Stars'.

North Wellington Life Education does not have the human resources to do this alone and club has been given the opportunity to partner with them 50/50. The national office of Life Education has approved the joint venture and an organising committee has been established comprising:

  • Chairman Bob Austin, Secretary of North Wellington Life Education Trust
  • Gaylene Hill, Deputy Chair of North Wellington Life Education Trust
  • Les Callear, Plimmerton Rotary
  • Peter Cox, also of Plimmerton Rotary

This group has now expanded to include Kay Phillips, Graeme Blick and also Laura Sommers from North Wellington Life Education. President Euon is also keeping a watching brief and has input on our deliberations.

Dancing for Life Education hits Porirua on Saturday, 18 July 2020.  It is a 'not to be missed' event. Get dressed up and get ready for a night to remember as national and local celebrities hit the dance floor to fundraiser for Life Education Trust North Wellington and Plimmerton Rotary. None of the dancers has any previous dance experience but all will be tutored by dance teachers over five months to perfect their performances. Each couple will dance at least one of a variety of dances including ballroom, Latin, Ceroc and rock ’n’ roll. The event focuses on the entertainment factor more than on technical manoeuvres.

This production will be supported by live entertainment, an auction, audience dancing and food and beverages.

There will seating at several levels:

  • corporate tables include dinner and some beverages;
  • other tables include platters and a welcome drink; and
  • mezzanine seats come with a 'food and a drink' voucher.

What is your role as a club member?

  • we need now your recommendations of prospective sponsors – you give us the contact details & we will make the approach & do the asking
  • we need names of possible celebrity dancers
  • we need your ideas of who are class act entertainers we can engage
  • we need your suggestions for celebrity judges
  • we need your support to sell tickets – primarily via tables of ten
  • we need your assistance on the night across a variety of tasks

We will keep you informed as we pull this event together.

How do we know it will work?

Whakatane raised $60,000 net with 800 people attending in 2018 – they felt after the event that they could easily have had a bigger crowd.

Taupo is aiming higher, hoping to attract 1000 plus attendees.

What is our target? You do the sums! The Arena can seat up to 2000 for this event. Take a look at Taupo’s site –we are following their model closely.

This is a huge opportunity for this club to use its networks and personal skills to put some serious money into our Trust account to benefit our community.

Dancing for Life Education

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