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Celebrating our Young Leaders for the Eighth Year - 8 August 2022


Another splendid event for our local clubs: well-organised, well-attended, inspirational, and a good showcase for what Rotary can do.

This was the eighth Awards ceremony and the attendance was as large as ever. The weather was dreadful but the Elim Church again proved to be an excellent venue, everything worked as it should, and the audience of parents, teachers, school students, councillors, officials, Rotarians from the Porirua and Tawa Clubs and our own, and other friends, was vocal and engaged.

The Awards celebrate the achievements of primary school students who have been selected for their leadership and contributions to school life. This dovetails neatly with the strategic priority of our Council, and the ‘service above self’ mission of Rotary.  

Thirty-two primary and intermediate schools in Porirua City and Tawa took part. 

After a warm welcome to dignitaries and the audience by District Governor Marilyn Stevens, we were treated to some close harmony Pasifika singing by the Five Blessings Year 11 group from Porirua College.

Deputy Mayor Izzy Ford took over as MC and performed this duty with great panache. Mayor Anita Baker then gave a short speech that recognised the work Rotary does in the city. She noted that previous awardees, some of whom are approaching the age of twenty, were already making their mark in the world.  

The major part of the proceedings was the presentation of certificates and Rotary badges to sixty-four deserving students, by Mayor Baker and Marilyn Stevens. The students were introduced by Izzy Ford and Councillor Nathan Waddle. They came up one school at a time, often in national dress; some were greeted by a haka from their classmates or teachers. 

Each school provided a citation for each award-winner and the results were fascinating. It was obvious that the citations had been prepared with a good deal of thought. In days gone by, academic or sporting prowess might have been dominant. Now the students were noted for their kindness, especially to younger students, their willingness to represent their peers, and their role modelling. As Rotarians we should find this very encouraging.

We then had icebreaking exercises and an inspirational address by Mannfred Sofara, head boy at Bishop Viard College, who talked about leadership from his own perspective. He confessed to being a reformed malcontent but he had seen the error of his ways as he grew older and had made great progress. A copy of his speech will be available soon.

Another song from the Five Blessings and then a mass photography session ended the proceedings.

Another very successful occasion that ran smoothly and on time, thanks to Wendy Betteridge’s meticulous oversight. 

Here is a list of all the students who were honoured. Unfortunately, some were unable to be present this year which was not entirely unexpected so photos of those students are missing. 

Adventure School
Elliot Cox
Our Head Girl, Elliot, has been a proactive leader at Adventure School throughout 2022. She has the utmost integrity in regards to behaviour and role modelling key school attributes. Elliot views our school as her extended whānau and this is displayed daily, in her extra roles such as caring and teaching with our neurodiverse students. A keen athlete, Elliot has represented Adventure School in variety of sports from Cross Country to Athletics. She encompasses our whanaungatanga values and has helped to raise money for a number of charities including the Mental Health Foundation. Elliot continues to be a much loved Rangatira of Adventure School! Kapai Elliot Cox.

Tomiteau Finau
Our Head Boy Tomiteau is a much loved Rangatira here at Adventure School. Whilst he has been at our school for less than 2 years, we knew he was leadership material straight away! He has a positive outlook and encompasses an all-inclusive attitude to his peers and leadership role. Faka'apa'apa – Respect:  Tomiteau displays respect and integrity in everything he approaches from school work, to sport and to extra duties taken on without being asked. He has helped our school to raise funds for a variety of charities this year and he continues to be an integral part of our school-wide whānau. Mâlie Tomiteau Finau!

Bishop Viard College
Jairus Afamasaga
Jairus is a hardworking and conscientious leader in Fa'avae. His quiet leadership style and strong work ethic has made him a stand-out role model recognised by his peers and teachers alike. Jairus leads through his actions. He consistently displays our Pou values of Mahitanga, Manaakitanga and Rangatiratanga. Jairus always strives for excellence in all that he does and encourages and supports those around him to do the same. He is willing to try new things and step outside of his comfort zone in order to extend himself. Jairus is a wonderful representative for his family, Fa'avae and Bishop Viard College.

Koreti Poai-Glendinning
Koreti is a strong and courageous leader in Fa'avae. She takes advantage of all opportunities provided at Bishop Viard College. She performed at Big Sing in our school choir, performed at Tu Tangata Polyfest and Porirua Polyfest as part of the BVC Multicultural group, plays netball and basketball for BVC and represented BVC in the regional Samoan Language speeches. Koreti leads by example and always strives for excellence in all that she does. She encourages and inspires those around her to do the same. Koreti is a wonderful representative for her family, Fa'avae and Bishop Viard College.

Brandon Intermediate School

Tyler is Head Boy of Brandon Intermediate. He is a role model within our school, leads the student council, serves in many areas such as a Peer Mediator and most importantly participates fully in the life of the school. He stands before community at whānau hui, before his peers and school and gives voice to the ideas and concerns of the student body. Tyler conducts himself with Brandon PRIDE. In all his communication, service to the school and when participating in our community he demonstrates Purpose, Resilience, Integrity, Determination and Empathy. He epitomises our school values of Responsibility, Respect, Kindness, Aroha and Service. Ngā mihi mahana.

Queen'Luse Simotu Williams-Logovae
Queen is Head Girl of Brandon Intermediate. She is a role model within our school, leads the student council, serves in many areas such as Library Monitor for our Book Club and most importantly participates fully in the life of the school. She stands before community at whānau hui, before her peers and school and gives voice to the ideas and concerns of the student body. 
Queen conducts herself with Brandon PRIDE. In all her communication, service to the school and when participating in our community she demonstrates Purpose, Resilience, Integrity, Determination and Empathy. She epitomises our school values of Responsibility, Respect, Kindness, Aroha and Service. Ngā mihi mahana.

Cannons Creek School 
Alyanna Daley-So'oialo
Alyanna is a determined and persistent student. She does not let challenges stop her from moving forward and the effort that she puts into achieving is highly commendable. She has many responsibilities in our school and she completes these duties to a very high standard. Alyanna can always be relied upon to stand up for what is right and for those around her who cannot do it for themselves. She is a wonderful role model in our school and she has the respect of both students and staff. 

Jean-Rima Leofo
Jean-Rima has a strong sense of her own identity and takes pride in her culture and her whānau. She is not afraid of speaking her mind and has thought-provoking opinions that are enjoyable to discuss with her. She holds many different responsibilities within our school and she is trusted to do them without the supervision of an adult. She has a tenacious approach to her learning and always will to try new things and take risks. Jean-Rima is a wonderful sportswoman and the leadership that she shows in this area translates into everything else that she does.

Corinna School
Seiola Patelesio
Seiola is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, and supportive person of influence in our school. For Seiola there have been fewer leadership opportunities within the senior whānau and the school due to Covid-19 restrictions. Despite this she has quietly continued to be a leader and takes opportunities to be supportive of other learners. She is a leader in our school vision of VAI (Voice, Action and Identity.) She shares her ideas and opinions confidently and she leads whānau events in her Tokelauan Language. She is self-motivated and proactive when it comes to her learning and is proud of who she is.

Lijacana Peniata
Lijacana is a conscientious, and self-motivated person of influence in our school who shares her wide range of talents with other learners. For Lijacana there have been fewer leadership opportunities within the senior whānau and the school due to Covid-19 restrictions. Despite this she has stepped up as a quiet leader and role model for other students of how to be hard-working and how to share deep and insightful reflections about what you learn. She is a leader in our school vision of VAI (Voice, Action and Identity.) She thinks critically about ideas and issues and shows potential to take action on issues that affect her community. Lijacana takes a lot of pride in her identity.

Discovery School
Jennika Barber
While not a leader who seeks the spotlight, Jennika leads by example. If a student falls over, an adult is carrying too much or her friends are struggling with a problem - Jennika will be there to help both practically and with her fabulous positivity. Jennika has earnt her school badge, been an outstanding buddy, and an asset to every class she is in. Congratulations to Jennika, you thoroughly deserve this award and you have a very bright future ahead of you. Tino pai!

Gabriel Anthony
Gabriel is a student who exhibits great potential as a leader. He cares deeply about our school and develops great relationships with others so he works well with many students and they listen and look up to him as a role model. He shows initiative and has organised school events such as a farewell project for our ex-principal and a fundraising event to support children in Ukraine. Gabriel is a wonderful student whose drive and big picture thinking will take him in any direction he chooses to go. Tino pai Gabriel!

Glenview School 
Gabriel Kisona
Gabriel is a great all-round student and a gifted athlete. He uses his mana to help boost the mana and confidence of others. He is a patient and encouraging coach for younger members of the school and an inspirational leader of our Glenview Gladiator representative basketball team. Gabriel is an accomplished performing artist and is kaea tane for our school kapa haka group. He is currently teaching himself the guitar. Gabriel is someone who personifies our school mana values

Zhanae Love
Zhanae is consistently a positive role model for others who lives and breathes our Glenview school mana values. Zhanae is someone who has improved in confidence by putting herself out of her comfort zone and being actively involved is wider Glenview school life. Zhanae has a passion for drama and sound literacy skills. She is creative and can improvise and write character dialogue. Her personal voice and sense of humour come through in her work and she inspires others who are lacking in confidence to take part and try their best.

Holy Family School 
Meto Vaevalu
Meto is a strong and caring leader at Holy Family School. Meto gets involved in every opportunity to help others. She is a member of Little Vinnies and is in the Patrol team. Meto is always working hard in the classroom and helps others with their learning when they are stuck. Meto is a great Kiribati Language Ambassador for Holy Family School and has been commended by Junior teachers for being a wonderful wet play monitor in our junior school. Meto consistently demonstrates our school RELI values of respect, excellence, love and integrity. Ngā Mihi nui ki a koe Meto!

Yimison Prado Villaizac
Yimison is a caring and active leader at Holy Family School. Yimison demonstrates all of our RELI values. He has taken it upon himself to start attacking rubbish at Holy Family School. At morning tea and lunchtime he is often seen picking up rubbish around the school. His actions have inspired others and so he now has a team of students joining him to pick up rubbish during the breaks to keep our school clean. Yimison also works hard in the classroom and takes on any opportunity given to him with a cheerful smile. He does not hesitate to help staff and students as required. Ngā Mihi nui ki a koe Yimison.

Linden School
Hukarere Sidney
Hukarere demonstrates leadership throughout the school in many different areas. She involves herself in all aspects of school life- student council, road patrol, the enviro group, and supporting young students in the school. She is a confident and capable leader of Kapa Haka where she encourages all students to perform at their best, as she sets a standard of excellence for herself also. Hukarere positively takes all opportunities to grow both personally and academically, while still ensuring she is grounded and supports those around her. Recently, while planting trees for the Tawa wide KETE project, she was singled out by other adults as being an amazing worker and leader, continually encouraging others to keep up with her and function as an awesome team together.  

Ritwick Ponnapalli
No matter what opportunity is being presented, Ritwick is always one of the first to put his hand up and take advantage of the opportunities presented. He is a member of the student council, road patrol team, enviro group, and the E-pro8 team. He is a great time manager ensuring schoolwork, physical activity and any cultural activities are all completed in time, and to a high standard. He role models to other students learning English, that anything can be achieved if your attitude is positive. He excels in demonstrating the schools HEART values to his classmates, younger students during tuakana-teina times, and to all staff. A real treasure who will achieve great things.

Maraeroa School 
Kopa Gaualofa
Kopa’s passion for learning and love of challenges is infectious. He always seeks out knowledge and pushes himself to take action for the benefit of himself, his school, and the community. Kopa’s leadership is evident in the classroom, the playground, kapa haka and in a range of sporting endeavours. His leadership style reflects maturity beyond his years and is underpinned by his cheerful, thoughtful disposition and his ever-present grin! It has been a pleasure to watch Kopa grow into being an inspiring leader this year; he has positioned himself as a strong young leader and future change maker in Porirua and beyond. Kopa epitomises our vision of learners who use their voice for change, take actions to make a difference, and stand strong in their identity. 

Yazmhyne Putaura-Rawiri (absent)
Maraeroa School is proud to nominate Yazmyhne for this award as she is the epitome of a Maraeroa learner and leader. Yazmyhne is a determined and confident wahine who leads by example in every area of school life. She shows true manaakitanga for all the children and adults at our school. Yazmhyne sees the strengths in everybody and has a mature and inspiring way of encouraging others to be their best selves. She supports others to embrace her Māori culture and embrace the cultures of others. Yazmyhne is a respected mentor and role model at Maraeroa School and we know that in years to come she will continue to use her voice and vision to make a positive impact in our school and hapori.

Natone Park School
Denar Cardona Correa
Denar is a role model who stands with rangatiratanga. Well-spoken and is a positive role model in all that he does to represent our school and his whānau. He is always willing to take on responsibilities and gives no matter what. Denar has accomplished so much in his time in New Zealand and shows that success comes when you put in the hard yards. He manawa tītī. A person with great endurance.

Pounamu Clark
Pounamu is a strong-willed and determined young lady who tries to accomplish the tasks at hand.  An avid sports role model in the school by sheer participation and commitment. She is always willing to help, is a sensible thinker and makes better decisions everyday. This is a great accomplishment to add to her list of successes. 
Ko te pīpī te tuatahi, Ko te kaunuku te tuarua. From small beginnings comes great things.

Ngati Toa School 
Ryan Vekula
Ryan is a consistent embodiment of mana in our classroom, Tūrama. He always shows kindness towards others and stands by his values regardless of the situation. He is a calm, considerate member of our senior school, and is a tuakana to the teina in our school, to his younger siblings and others in their classes. He contributes to our school life through being an Enviroleader and a Sports Monitor, and always putting his hand up for responsibilities. He always sets a positive example in our group and independent work, modelling our AHIKA values in all that he does. 

Pene Wi-Neera 
Pene is a quiet and strong leader with a wicked sense of humour.  He has a strong sense of right and wrong.  He is not afraid to speak up and stays true to himself and his culture. He is always respectful and consistently models our school values to all of the students. He shows manaakitanga to all, is a strong tuakana, and a good friend.

Papakowhai School
Joshua Scott
Josh is the kind of leader who does so by example. He is always the first to put his hand up to take leadership opportunities and is incredibly reliable. We have seen this at our kura in his roles as kaitiaki, as tuakana when learning with teina, as whānau group leader, as general helper at school events, as classmate and as friend. He lives our school values of whanaungatanga, manaakitanga, respect, and fairness at all times. He is humble and goes out of his way to say thank you. We are so proud of Josh and he is a very deserving recipient of this award. 

Sienna Wilson
Sienna is a motivated, resilient and highly capable leader in our kura. She faces new and challenging tasks with enthusiasm, and ensures that everything she does is done to the best of her ability. As a Kaitiaki of our school, Sienna demonstrates impressive maturity and reliability. She is a wonderful example of our school values; manaakitanga and whanaungatanga. Sienna has been a committed member and leader of our school kapa haka for several years. Other students naturally look to her as our kaea, and she leads our karanga with mana and grace. We are so proud of Sienna and know she has a successful final year at Papakōwhai School ahead of her.

Paremata School 
Fynn Livingston
Fynn is an awesome leader. He has a strong sense of identity and is a great friend to others. This year he was voted to become a house captain. He works hard in class always striving to improve himself and goes a step further to get his work completed to a high standard. Fynn is a great support to others around him and will spend some time during breaks to teach and include younger students. He demonstrates integrity, always owning his actions, and can manage himself. Even though he isn’t officially on the student council, Fynn is always happy to support his friends, and recently took on a leading role in a scooter competition working through the different activities. He is a fabulous positive role model to others. Kia Kaha, kia māia, kia manawanui Be strong, be bold, be steadfast.

Isabella Ringrose
Isabella’s style of leadership is encouragement from the back. She is always there with solutions to help get the whole team across the finish line. Isabella was voted as part of the School senior councillors and works in a committee of 7 others. She actively plans events and can always be relied upon to get things done. She is a  positive role model. Isabella is a thoughtful and caring young adult. For her passion project, she knew she wanted to do something that would bring joy to others. Isabella designed an art piece she donated to hang in the library. This art piece was designed to incorporate many different cultural patterns that represented our community. Her art work hangs in the school library for many to enjoy. Mauria Te Pono, Believe in yourself. Isabella you are appreciated.

Pauatahanui School
Reuben Fraser
Reuben is an outstanding Year 8 role model at Pauatahanui. He is one of the leaders in the Kapa Haka Performance group and is an inspiration when he performs. He is a conscientious member of the student council after being an exemplary House Captain in 2021. In both these roles, he has a diligent approach but is able to put his own sense of style to these. His behaviour is always impeccable and he has a quiet well-respected manner about him which his peers and others respond to. Reuben is always willing to help out around the school in a respectful manner and he is part of the Peer Mediator Team supporting students at lunchtime. It is a pleasure to see him interact with younger students by crouching down and talking in his calm assured manner. Congratulations Reuben. We are proud of you.

Sophia Abery
Sophia is a leader of a small group of students in the Eco Team, ensuring that every person has a job each week. She is well-planned and is always willing to help out with others in the group. Nothing is ever a problem or a worry.  She is caring and thoughtful to younger students across the school. She takes any leadership tasks seriously and always does them to her best. She volunteered to be a Road Patroller and fills in for this on a frequent basis, always with a smile. This year she was voted House Captain and leads house activities with energy and direction. She is a Peer Mediator and is on the Tech Team where she uses her initiative and supports the school. It has been a pleasure to see Sophia mature into these leadership roles and take on opportunities. We are proud of you Sophia.

Plimmerton School
Molly Sherriff
Molly Sherriff has a quiet but confident style of leadership and is a person you can trust and count on to get the job done. She uses her initiative to make herself useful at every opportunity and is quick to volunteer when things need to be done. Molly has an excellent work ethic and everything she does is of a high standard. She is a pleasure to work with and a well-respected role model, who is truly valued by everyone at Plimmerton School.

Daniel Lash
Daniel Lash is a student who always goes the extra mile. He is one of the first to volunteer to help out around the school and at school events. Daniel puts 100% into all that he does and completes jobs to a high standard. He is a pleasure to work with and is always a positive role model for his peers and younger children. Daniel consistently demonstrates the Plimmerton School values of Manaakitanga and Kaitiakitanga.

Porirua East School 
Mason Williams
Mason has been nominated for this award specifically for his leadership qualities in Kapa Haka. He is a strong, enthusiastic leader who gives his all and is passionate about representing his school, his whānau, and iwi with pride. Mason leads from behind by encouraging others to be the best they can be. He is an enthusiastic and hard-working student who encourages others to do the same. Mason is very proud of “knowing who he is, where he has come from and his aspirations for the future".Mason demonstrates our school values of Manaakitanga, Whanaungatanga and Rangitiratanga through his actions.

Koreana Seumanutafa
Koreana is a great example and role model for all of her peers. She approaches all of her learning with quiet self-confidence, openness, and a willingness to take risks. She shows care and consideration for those around her and is always ready to support her peers to be the best that they can be. Koreana has a passion for her culture and the Arts and she inspires others by teaching Samoan Dance to her peers and younger students. She epitomizes our school values of Manaakitanga, Whanaungatanga and Rangatiratanga.

Porirua School
Gia Bishop
Gia is a hardworking and responsible school leader, inspiring students to work hard at upholding the values of Porirua school.  She demonstrates this as an Enviro leader promoting and actioning sustainability projects in our school.  Gia mentors our younger students in te reo and tikanga Māori through Kapa Haka, continuing to strengthen the pathways for our tamariki to value our indigenous cultural heritage.  Gia exercises leadership that focuses on serving the wellbeing and care of other students and she encourages them to replicate the same positive, resilient attitudes and behaviours she displays towards others.

Melanie Sevealii
Melanie shows a genuine interest in caring for the needs of others at Porirua School.  She demonstrates this by listening to the concerns of students and goes out of her way to help them.  Melanie’s leadership strengths are her integrity, commitment and reliability in carrying out her responsibilities as a school road patroller, Enviro leader and Kapa Haka leader.  Mel is also an effective communicator, and has the confidence to speak in front of school assemblies which she does with confidence and clarity.

Postgate School
Joshua Ulugia Ah-Sini
Joshua demonstrates integrity every day through his consistently high level of respect. Respect for learning, respect for himself and respect for all others around him. This level of integrity has enabled Joshua to become a leader within the class, within the syndicate and within the whole school. The high standard of leadership he has set for himself has created a remarkable role model for others.

Ezekiel Misky
Ezekiel has consistently demonstrated leadership through the way he encourages inclusivity, learning behaviours and compassion. His calm manner attracts his peers to follow his lead, and everyone around him speaks highly of him. His compassion and empathy for others means that he can communicate clearly to a wide range of people in a respectful manner. Ezekiel is a wonderful role model and perfect example of quiet leadership.

Pukerua Bay School 
Gabriel Hay
Gabriel, or Gabe, is a Year 8 leader and positive role model for the tamariki at Pukerua Bay School. Gabe exemplifies the Pukerua Bay School KURA Values in the way he interacts with others with respect and consideration, showing Whanaungatanga in all of his interactions. Gabe also leads by example, showing Kotahitanga in the way he brings learners together, giving his best in all areas and encouraging positively his classmates to try their best in all areas of learning, from Te Reo and Kapa Haka to Numeracy and STEAM. Congratulations Gabe, it is a pleasure being your kaiako in Te Motu this year and this whakatauki is perfect for you. He taonga rongonui te aroha ki te tangata. Goodwill towards others is a precious treasure.

Ellie Beaumont
Ellie models in all her classroom activities, maturity, work focus and willingness to develop and extend her learning. Ellie leads not by loud calls to attention but by showing through Manaakitanga how tamariki can behave in their learning, both in producing work that is the highest quality and in modelling self-management in class. Ellie is also keen to share her out of school talents with classmates and other tamariki, in a way that helps build a culture that celebrates diversity. Ellie it is a pleasure being your kaiako in Te Motu this year and this whakatauki is fitting for you. Kia mau ki nga taonga a kui ma a koro ma! Hold fast to the treasures of the ancestors!

Rangikura School
Zaleia Lotoaso (absent)
Zaleia Lotoaso is a worthy recipient of this award; she is an incredible young woman, highly intelligent, positive, empathetic and hard working. She is a role model to her peers in all aspects of life. Zaleia exhibits leadership skills from the heart, she is a natural, authentic leader. Her calm and thoughtful approach to tasks and challenges is infectious. She can read situations, keep an open mind and provide fairness and unbiased reasoning. She is comfortable handling suggestions and adapting to changing situations. Zaleia shows real commitment to cooperation and collaboration within the classroom. Zaleia’s work ethic in class is to be commended as she works diligently to complete tasks to an exceptional standard, she always makes herself available to support others. On the sports field, Zaleia is fiercely competitive yet fair and thoughtful. Zaleia is an outstanding leader. She embodies the values that Rangikura instills in our students and more. She is true to herself and the values she believes in. We are all very proud of you!

Rebekah Otukolo
Rebekah demonstrates leadership across all areas of school life. She is quiet, caring, humble and leads from the heart. Rebekah is an unconditional leader, one who will always stop to help someone who needs it, putting aside whatever she is doing to support. She doesn’t lead for personal gain, she leads because it is who she is, a great young lady who will always do her best. She is highly empathetic and this emanates through anything she does. Rebekah shows leadership in her own culture and within other cultures. She plays a pivotal role in filling the Kaia and Gagana Samoa leadership roles in performances in both Kapa Haka and Polyclub. She does not shy away from a challenge and will support others to try stepping up into new roles too. Rebekah is a driver of her own learning and strives to demonstrate leadership in the way that she applies herself. She strives for her personal best, regardless of situations and changes in uncertain times. Rebekah constantly models how to be an engaged learner in all areas of learning, which is leadership in itself. Rangikura School is proud to nominate Rebekah Otukolo as one of our recipients for 2022.

Russell School 
Fetalaiga Lokeni
Fetalaiga is a leader that serves his school community with a quiet, can do attitude.   His leadership style is one of inclusivity, resilience and unwavering positivity towards others.  He consistently demonstrates our Russell School HEART values in all that he does and has shown increased confidence in being a cultural leader.  Fetalaiga shows initiative and integrity, volunteering to do things that don’t always come with high status.  We were all impressed in his ability in being a role model by participating in the Samoan speech competition for the first time.  Fa’afetai tele lava Fetalaiga for your service and leadership to our school.

Ianna Gaualofa
Ianna is respected as a leader who is always willing to assist others in their learning.  She is friendly and confident in the way she leads and relates to both her peers and younger students.  She is encouraging of others and maintains a positive attitude.  Ianna models perseverance and is consistent in demonstrating our Russell School values.  She is proud of her Tokelau culture and understands the importance of modelling VAI (voice, action and identity) in both learning and leading situations.  Ianna is always willing to take on responsibilities around the school.  Fakafetai lahi lele Ianna for your service and leadership in our school.

St Pius X School 
Kyani Russell-Lia (absent)
Over her years at St Pius X School, Kyani has proven herself to be a caring leader who shows our school values of CREW in all that she does. She has been involved in leading many aspects of school life from assemblies and cultural performances to the sports field. Kyani willingly gives her time to help others and is most helpful to both the staff and students of our school in many ways. She is a reliable and responsible person who always follows through and does what she says she will. She has excellent interpersonal skills and builds positive relationships with others. She takes on the role of leader of a team, but is equally happy being a team member too. Kyani is an excellent role model for our school community to look up to.

Mareko Pesefea
Mareko is a strong but gentle leader and role model at St Pius X School. He embodies our C.R.E.W. values of care, respect, excellence and wisdom. He is kind and caring towards others. Mareko is a natural leader who has proven himself to be of excellent character and is reliable and responsible. He has strong interpersonal skills; his naturally friendly personality has led him to develop positive relationships with his peers, teachers and other adults in the school community. He has a generous nature and willingly gives his time and attention to whatever needs doing at school and at home. Mareko is a great role model both in his words and actions.

St Theresa’s School
Willow Dunne
Willow, like Mary MacKillop, ‘never sees a need without doing something about it.” She is always willing to help and serve others, and she shows initiative in the way she works in the spirit of tuakana teina across the school. Nothing is too much trouble for her. Willow is a Learning Hub leader at St Theresa’s School. She shows leadership during Powhiri, and school events, often stepping out of her comfort zone. Her leadership contributions are valued throughout the school, and she is well-deserving of this Rotary Leadership Award.

Isabella Beach
Isabella is a helper, encourager, role model and organiser. She uses her initiative in helping other people and taking the lead where necessary. Isabella often shows responsibility without being asked.  She is a reliable and responsible Cultural leader, and she is strongly connected to her own culture. Isabella is well-deserving of this Rotary Leadership Award.

Tawa School
Lily Beauchamp
Lily Beauchamp is a wonderful person with strong leadership skills.  She consistently supports and encourages her peers while demonstrating the school values of respect and responsibility.  Lily has volunteered for a range of roles such as road patrol, school librarian, sports and enviro groups.  Her infectious enthusiasm, inclusiveness and endless positivity motivates everyone around her. 

Vaughn Pepping (absent)
Vaughn Pepping is an outstanding young man. He is supportive of his classmates and always encourages others to succeed. Vaughn has shown leadership at Tawa School through his roles on the student council, helping with enviro groups, as well as during class P.E. lessons and on the sports field. He regularly helps out younger students and is seen as a role model at our school.

Te Kura Maori o Porirua
Jayden Gough
Tū tonu koe Kapohanga whare - Tūohu ko ō uri e
Jayden is a Tau 8 who hails from the iwi of Ngati Porou, the marae of Hirruharama. Jayden is caring and thoughtful and is always considerate of others. He enjoys working with younger children and helping them around the school. Jayden is a great model for his peers. He enjoys basketball and kapahaka specifically singing. Jayden's aspiration is to travel the world to meet different people. 

Pakanui Kupenga
"Ka rukuruku a Te Rangitāwaea i ōna rinena e"
Pakanui is a Tau 8 tama at our kura. He also hails from the the marae of Hiruharama. Pakanui is a loud and proud uri o Ngāti Porou. He has a great sense of humour and is always cheerful and happy. He demonstrates strong leadership skills by advocating for his peers who are too shy to speak up. He is supportive of his peers in sports, in kapahaka and in the class. Pakanui, like his great ancestor and namesake, has strong leadership qualities. His career aspiration is to be a businessman who makes lots of money.  Ka hao i runga, ka hao i raro ka hao i te manawa.

Titahi Bay Intermediate School
Jessica Kay
Jessica is an intuitively compassionate person. She demonstrates her leadership qualities through care, empathy for others as well as public speaking. Jessica is a student council representative and has shown her strengths in communication and delegation. Her peers look to her for advice and as a role model for how to traverse their days at school. Jessica contributes in all areas of her education with a passion for learning and quietly encourages those around her to do the same. Jessica loves to read about fantastical worlds and is an avid baker. She is a creative thinker, who takes on challenges with a sense of humour and calm approach. Jessica is recognised as a leader who has the ability to communicate with a wide variety of people, which makes her a valued member of our TBI community. 

Zac Hanrahan
Zac is a diligent student who shows Rangatiratanga and Ambition at our school through his willingness to be involved in everything! His passions include music, reading, and all things science. Zac loves to share his knowledge of Dinosaurs, Engineering, and Reading. He is intuitive but challenges others' way of thinking in a positive and polite way. Zac can always be relied on to follow the Tikanga at our school and help others when needed.

Titahi Bay North School 
Aaliah Gray (absent)
Aaliah is a student who shows the school values whilst being an academic learner. She recently showed her care when her peers were having their vaccinations by ensuring that they were all OK. Aaliah has a number of school responsibilities including information technology, mediating peer disputes in the playground and is also heavily involved in school sporting activities.

Georgia Haerewa (absent)
Georgia is a committed sports person who applies these disciplines within the school and especially in Te Whanau o te Kakano. Georgia is a mentor and role model for a number of students within our full immersion Te Reo class. She also exhibits these skills when out in the wider school.

Titahi Bay School
Ruby Liddle
Ruby has been a leader at our school since the day she walked in. She is quick to step up and take the spokesperson role in any situation, making sure others are included and feel valued.  She was born to be a Year 6 Leader and has stepped into her role as an Enviro Leader with ease. Ruby can often be relied on to do jobs around the class and school, she never says no, no matter how tedious the job. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and gives up her own break times to help with various projects around the school gardens. Ruby also leads by example with kindness and initiative. She has a quiet assurance in the way she goes about her school day that makes others naturally follow her lead. Ruby lives our school values of Kindness, Unity, Respect and Aspire to Achieve on a daily basis. 

Braedyn Mcleod
Braedyn is the first to put his hand up to help with mahi. As one of our Sports Leaders he gets equipment out for teachers and has helped run sports activities for younger students. He is also one of our Road Patrollers who urns up every week no matter the weather to make sure children are safe as they cross the road. He is one of those students who you know can be asked to do something and it will get done at the right time and will be done well. He often pre-empts being asked by noticing small jobs that need doing and volunteering to do them. If another child is at a loss for what to do during lunchtime he is quick to include them in what he is doing. Braedyn lives our school values of Kindness, Unity, Respect and Aspire to Achieve on a daily basis.   

Wellington Seventh Day Adventist School 
Aniska Visser
Aniska is a Year 8 student who has shown wonderful leadership development at school. She has a positive and friendly attitude. Aniska has shown growing confidence in all areas of school. Often doubting her abilities, Aniska has proven that she can achieve to an excellent standard. She has been a responsible compost and recycling monitor. Aniska is a keen helper and worker in the Garden to Table programme. She confidently leads others during class and school activities.

Tadiwa Angel Tsvanhu
Angel is a Year 8 student at Wellington Seventh-day Adventist School. She is a fantastic learner and leader in class and school activities. Angel has participated in all the curriculum areas with a positive attitude. She is a keen gardener who is always willing to help with any task. Angel is a thorough and thoughtful leader. She values others' ideas and contributes to getting tasks done well. She showed amazing perseverance and commitment in the inter-school cross-country running, achieving entry into the Regional competition. She is a capable learner, achieving excellent results in her learning.

Whitby Collegiate School 
Ella Reuelu
Ella is a role model student who exemplifies our Whitby Collegiate values, going beyond the call of duty to show empathy, kindness, humility and integrity in everything she does. Ella displays attributes of an outstanding leader in the way she works collaboratively in a team, shows initiative, is selfless in the way she always puts others first and ensures everyone's wellbeing and mana is cared for and feels valued. Ella is extremely proud of her Tokelauan, Māori and Cook Island heritage and she values the important responsibility she has of taking care of her grandparents. Family plays a big part in what Ella attributes her servant-leadership skills to. She believes that it is the support that her Whitby Collegiate village provides that enables her to thrive in her leadership role.

Adelle Tipper
Adelle's family and school values play a significant part in the Excellence she displays as a junior leader of Whitby Collegiate. She is a confident but humble servant-leader who has shown initiative and excellent organisational skills in contributing to the success of many school events. Adelle is self-aware, gracious, respectful and an intelligent leader who has high standards and is well respected amongst her Whitby Collegiate whānau. She organised a successful campaign for struggling students in Myanmar, Southeast Asia last term and it was her leadership that inspired other members of our school community to have attitudes of gratitude and selflessness. Adelle's faith is very important to her and this is shown through her servant leadership and willingness to always help and serve others.

Windley School 
Mataio Sopoaga
Mataio is an active member of our school who demonstrates leadership by coordinating and organising events such as: assemblies, staff farewells, language weeks, sport and school events and I might add he has no problem organising the adults. He is reliable and often called upon when things need to be done. He is creative and has a flair for making costumes and has followed through with this at school, home and community; you could say a little side hustle. Mataio is an active member of his church ‘Pahina O Tokelau' and community group Fakaofo, where he supports his grandparents by attending church, celebrations and community events where their attendance is needed and requiring his help in preparing gifts such as ula and fine mats. Mataio relates well with people and is well respected by his peers and adults hence, the reason for this award.

Seraia-Lee Ikenasio
Seraia consistently shows good leadership and is an exemplary role model. She is confident, hard-working and has integrity. Seraia always tries her best to role model the expectations of her whanau and school. She is calm and resilient in delicate situations and will apply her skills in a respectful way. She uses initiative and shows commitment to any set task and brings others along with her. She has been nominated for this award, for her contribution towards school-wide events and the present leadership skills she has displayed over the years.

And finally, The Five Blessings from Porirua College were:

Bless Patalesio 
Sam Fomai 
Sam Talilai 
Newman Tauala
Saint Asalemo
Accompanied by Juliet Kennedy







Celebrating our Young Leaders for the Eighth Year - 8 August 2022

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