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A Haircut - 16 February 2021


David Pine gave us the Viewpoint tonight. He said ...

'On a recent visit to North City mall, I dropped into the Sharing Shed for a haircut.

'Some of you might say ‘Why do you bother having a haircut?’ And that’s a fair question but, you know, I like to be neat and tidy, and the prices at the Sharing Shed are very good. Which is probably just as well because my haircut takes about 2 minutes on average. And that includes the trim of the eyebrows.

'Another good thing about the Sharing Shed is that you very seldom have to wait long. The format is that you just walk in, and take a seat next to the most recent arrival. If you’re not sure who that is, the other customers will helpfully guide you to the right place.

'On this particular occasion, I sat down next to a really large guy. He was a big unit in all dimensions - tall, and chunky as well, and in addition to his size, he was rather scruffy with long hair that hung down all around his head. The total opposite of me in other words.

'But he seemed pleasant enough. We nodded to each other and he carried on talking to the guy sitting on the other side from where I was sitting.

'Several minutes passed like this, and then suddenly the big guy leaned towards me and in a rather secretive tone he said: “So, ah, hot date tonight is it?”

'I laughed out loud – I thought it was a very cool thing for a complete stranger to say. And I didn’t have a clever one-liner to come back with, so instead I said “Ah, no mate, I’ve been married for about 50 years.”

'It only took my man a moment to digest what I’d said, and he came straight back with “Ah, OK, so in that case, it’s a hot date every night isn’t it.” And we had a good laugh.

'So I should probably get to my viewpoint now. It’s an oldie but a goodie, which bears repeating, and it’s one we should all try to remember:

'You simply cannot judge a book by its cover'.

A Haircut - 16 February 2021

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