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President Euon welcomed members and partners. He noted the passing of Ian Catherall after a long illness. (See below)

Euon said that the next Board meeting would be on 25 May and would be around a table, with social distancing. Returning to dine at Mana Cruising Club would be on the agenda and how this could be arranged with table service. The Government's decision on any possible change to current Level 2 arrangements would be released on Monday before the meeting.

Euon reported that Philip and Julia Mottram have finally found a property to move to but sadly for us, this is in Palmerston North. Philip has resigned from the club but is likely to be a monthly visitor when Julia comes down to Inner Wheel meetings.


Mike Doig gave us his Viewpoint tonight about Covid-19 and unemployment. It offers some sound advice about how we might help to get the economy going again. He concludes with the words, 'buy local for now, but return to free trade tomorrow'.

The Speaker said ...

Graeme Blick introduced Chris Garrett who gave an excellent presentation about his Friendship Exchange visit to New Orleans which he and Anne-Marie had included as part of their honeymoon. In addition to Mike's notes, you can enjoy both the PowerPoint presentation and Chris's narrative again, as both have been posted here


Graeme Tongs has updated the membership list. You will find this if you log in and go to the Intranet page in the usual way. You can print off your own copy if you click on the pdf.

The May 2020 Plimmerton Inner Wheel Newsletter arrived today and, although much shorter than usual, you can see that there are some minor stirrings afoot. Keep reading >>

The Almoner said ...

Gwyn Akeroyd reports that Ian Catherall passed away on 16 May in the presence of his family. He had been in a decline with dementia over the past two or three years and for the last few days had been very weak and unable to swallow and was obviously not going to last very long. His son David rang Gwyn on Friday to say he had less than a week to go - and he lasted less than a day.  We still don't have information about funeral arrangements yet - but with a restriction of 50 people, it is going to need some planning. This photo will bring back memories of younger days for a few people. It was taken when Ian was President in 1983-1984. He is seen here with his wife, Dawn, and the Inbound Exchange Student from South Africa, Craig Pearson. In the background are Ray Joines and John Barber (all these builders!). Who can identify the couple on the right?

What's coming up in May and beyond?

As you can see from the roster below, Scott Scouller, CEO of Summerset Homes will be our speaker next week, 26 May. Jamie McAulay will speak to us on 2 June. Other speakers are in the pipeline and Keith will let us know what he has arranged as soon as he can.

Parting thought

Bob Austin gave us a very topical Parting Thought this week. He said, ‘Patience is the ability to count down before blast off.’

Who’s on duty for the next month?

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please let Professionals know in the usual way as Philip keeps a record of attendance for the club (whether we meet physically or not).
If you know in advance that you are unable to do your duty, please find a replacement and inform Philip Mottram in the usual way.
If you're a late 'no show' please tell President Euon so that he can make a late change in the programme, particularly, of course, if you have a duty.
Please join the meeting at 6.30 pm.
As a courtesy, please notify President Euon if you would like to invite additional guests.

Weekly Update - The Surprise Honeymoon - 19th May 2020


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